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We love our Auto Chicken coop door from Omlet. It works great, easy yo install and keeps our chickens safe. Thanks for making a great product.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Auto door - Essex,

Orders the auto door for my eglu mk2 very easy to install and it has made my life a lot easier with the girls now I don’t have to wait up to put them to bed . I work shifts so this has been a god send .

Verified Purchase: May 2020

Omlet Auto Door on a Snap Lock Coop - New York,

After a slightly longer than expected wait for delivery we finally were able to install our auto door with coop light on our Snap Lock coop. We are very happy with these products so far! My only recommendation to Omlet is to make an extension for the control panel cords. I was able to engineer one myself so that I could put the panel in a more accessible location and also so the light sensor is not under trees.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2020

Automatic Chicken Door -

I don't normally write reviews but i have to say this is a great product. We fitted it to a wooden coup and it fits like a glove and so great you can time when the chickens get out in the run and me not having to go out in the pouring rain in the morning or the evening. Would really recommend.

Verified Purchase: May 2020

Best Buy Time saver -

We are so happy with our auto door as it will keep us and our chickens happy no more walking outside to open and close them in and they won’t have to wait for us to get up Took a bit to understand settings but got there and managed to set for our time to open and close Very easy to fit and operate Looks good too Would like a remote if this ever comes as upgrade

Brilliant -

This is worth its weight in gold, the girls can let themselves out in the morning when i want a lay in! The can put themselves to bed when it is wet and cold, Perfect!

Awesome autodoor - Maryland,

I'm so thrilled with my autodoor that I just ordered a second! It is wonderful to not have to worry about getting out in time to let my girls out, or making sure they are closed up and secured in the evenings. I've tested the safety "stop" by putting my hand in front of the door, and was pleased to see that it does stop, so my chickies won't get squished!

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020


The Hens and i would not be with out the auto door ,no more worry or stress wish it had solar panel so the last element of doubt was removed (batteries )

Verified Purchase: Apr 2020

Works well - I installed it inside the hen house -

Fitted a shelf above it to catch hen droppings from the roosting bars higher up. Runs silently - got it on mains power.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

So happy with my coop door! -

I couldn’t be happier with my door!

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