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Good product but could be improved -

So far the door has been ok, control box is simple enough to use once you’ve played about with it getting used to it. I feel the door could be improved slightly by way of tidying up the back of it, or making it so that it can be mounted inside a wooden coop without seeing the door mechanism from the outside when the door is closed.

So far I’m in love -

So far it’s a life saver or should I say a sleep saver. I work late nights and waking up early to let the girls out was annoying now the door does it for me! I curious to see how it works in the snow and Ice.

Omlet Automatic Door -

It took our chickens a short while to be trained to NOT lay in the doorway and battle the closing of the door but our rooster got them to roost and it's working out GREAT! We don't have to get up and the door lets them out at daylight! It closes each night and we LOVE it! I highly recommend the door for anyone thinking of getting it! My husband installed it. It didn't seem hard to me at all... The settings for daylight or a time are easy as well... We are using the time... Opens at 6 am and closes at 9 pm... GREAT door!

Automatic chicken door is a great buy! -

After reading heaps of reviews on the Omlet automatic chicken door my partner and I went online and bought one. We were cautiously optimistic that it would live up to its billing but we have been disappointed with the performance of items bought online before so it was fingers cross for a while. So.... here is our experience with it: Firstly, we accidentally ordered the green door model so we had to email customer service to get it changed to grey. (We're in Australia and they don't seem to ever answer their phone - it always goes to voicemail). Nevertheless, we were contacted within 24 hours and the order was changed to the grey colour before shipping, so all good, and we received email confirmation that they got to the order in time. That's good customer service: the follow-up is often where companies fall down. (I am a retired customer service manager, so I notice these things!) The door arrived a few days later and was very well packaged and protected. It was easy to open up and there was a link to a video in the comprehensive instruction book that showed how to carry out a couple of assembly steps before installation. (There are also a few other videos on the company's U-tube channel that show how to install the unit as well) So, we carried out the few simple steps to hook the door up to its drive system, prepared our installation hole (we actually installed this door in our chicken coop door - photos will be uploaded) and loaded up the controller with 4 AA batteries. We accepted the default settings (door opens when the light sensor hits an ambient light setting of '27' and closes in the evening when it hits '6.' For us (very early spring, in NSW, Australia), that currently equates to closing just before 6pm - when it is very close to dark - and opens at first light - around 5am (we're not up at that hour, but we do notice that it's open by 6am!). Yes, it's early days: we have only had it installed for around three weeks, but so far so good. I would like to add that our chickens like it too, but we're picking up our first six chickens tomorrow - we've had to wait for six weeks - so that is an unknown! I don't anticipate any issues, however. I have tested the anti chicken-squeeze function of the door with my hand and it works perfectly, It's a bit louder than I thought it would be but I'm sure the girls will get used to that. All in all, definitely five stars for this product and this company. Highly recommended.

Omlet Automatic Chicken Coop Door with Coop Light -

Our Omlet door was very easy to install and program. It works and looks great! My chickens love it and so do we.

Automatic door -

Makes keeping chickens easy


Thank you, me and my chicks love there Automatic Door. Kind regards Charlotta Griffin South of France

Best invention ever for chicken owners! -

Only wish I would have known about this years ago. This has changed everything about owning chickens. No more restrictions about having to be be at home certain times to let the chickens out in the morning and lock them up at night. Best invention ever for chicken owners and definitely worth the money. I would recommend to s anyone.

No more hurry in the morning -

I love it. The best buy that I made. Much better than the guillotine style chicken doors.

Well worth the cost. -

I have to say that this automated door is superb straight out of the box. It is well made, easy to fit and most of all it is secure. I use the default mode which closes the door when the light level falls and opens it again when the morning light rises. The levels factory set are perfect for my chooks giving them plenty of time to settle in for the night before the door closes. As I am retired, I have no pressing desire to get up at silly o'clock to let the girls out and this wonderful gadget helps me get my much-needed beauty sleep.

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