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My Best Buy this year.... -

I am going on holiday soon for three weeks and was worried about my girls getting out enough to free range as my son, who will be looking after them for me, works various different shift patterns. So I ordered this product on the Sunday, I received it on the Tuesday and got it fitted, easily by myself, on the Thursday. I set the timer as I decided that was the best option for me and it has done exactly what it said it would do for more than two weeks now. No more sludging through mud in my pyjamas first thing in the morning to let them out or running out last thing at night because I have forgotten to lock them up... this product is amazing and I would recommend it to any backyard chicken keeper, it has made keeping chickens even more pleasurable than it already was, I now go to the coop once a day to collect my eggs at a time that suits me. I can go on holiday with peace of mind knowing that my girls will be getting plenty daylight and fresh air.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021

Fantastic addition - Gb,

I have a wooden house. Unfortunately had to cut a new hole for the door to be fitted to but after that, it was super easy to attach. Perhaps a paper/card template could be included to help with the positioning. Works well and the light is a must.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Awesome door opener! -

Absolutely love this coop door opener. I have a wooden coop with a side opening door that I could not find an automatic door opener for. This has made keeping backyard chickens so much more enjoyable. It work so well and is so easy to install and use. I needed only one small trim piece of wood for around my coop door to install. Everything else fit perfectly. Highly recommend. And it came super quickly too.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2020

Eglu auto door -

Good bit of thinking for this product, not the easiest in the world to fit and set up but with a bit of time and patience works well

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Fantastic -

Made life so much easier . Only thing I would like to change is the closer after dark time 20 mins seems too long

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020


Great product. Even better to install with Youtube

Verified Purchase: Jan 2020

Brilliant addition to the chicken coop! -

Absolutely love this product. Fitted it to my existing wooden house and I operate it by timer. No more having to get up early to let the girls out into the run in the morning or rushing home in the evenings to lock them into bed. I can also go away for a couple of days knowing the Omlet Automatic Coop Door will keep the girls safe at night for me

Verified Purchase: Jan 2020

Automatic coup door -

This door has made life so much easier and I feel relaxed knowing the girls are safe from predators at night. Thank you Omlet for coming up with such a great product.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Well worth the investment -

I have given this five stars as it really is a "good bit of kit". I have a coup within a wooden house and then an enclosed run for when we are out. When we are at home the girls free range our large garden (minus the fruit and veg beds which we have fenced off!!!). The girls find their way back tot heir house when bed time approaches. We have the Automatic Door on their house, not their coup and this works well for us and them. We use the settings that recognise how light and how dark it is and have not had a problem with the girls being locked out at all. All good. My only minor comments of negativity would be that the lift up lid on the control box doesn't click shut so in my windy spot it does blow up needing some securing. The other issue is that there are very small screws to use to assemble and to replace the batteries and this is not the best design when it has to be done outside, in situ, on a muddy day and with hens walking all over the instruction leaflets!!!! I think this bit of the construction design could be tweaked, but still a very good purchase.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Omlet Says: Hi, Thank you for your review. We are sorry that you have had some issued with the control panel cover and some screws. Please email us at to discuss this further. Thank you, The Omlet Team

High quality -

This is well-though-through, well designed product. Heaps better than other designs we had a look at. Works like a treat for us. Our chickens raise before dawn, so had to set it to time mode, finally can get some sleep in the morning!

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