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Great Addition -

Glad I came across this door. There wasn’t a lot of reviews on it at the time, so I made the decision based on features it provided. So far this is the best investment I have made into my coop.

good product, happy with purchase - Maine,

very easy to install and program. I have it set on manual right now but will use the auto feature when it gets closer to winter and shorter days. When I put the light on, the chicks wastes no time going in for the night!

Auto chicken door with light -

The door is great. It’s set for morning and evening and they are safe in the coop for the night without me having to run down to the barn to close them up.

Auto Door & light -

The auto door was the second best chicken related product, after the chickens. No more jumping out of bed at first light to let them out. All I need to do now, is trust the girls have gone to bed. Maybe omlet should do a camera. I would suggest you buy the light as well, I wished I'd bought it at the same time.

Love this door -

I love my automatic chicken coop door! I know my chickens are safe if I forget to lock them into their compound overnight after a day free ranging as they are safe in their coop. I don't have to trudge out on cold and rainy early mornings to let them out. They won't be stuck in their coop all day if I forget to open their door when racing out to work in the mornings. Well worth the investment!

Wow! Super satisfied—highly recommend. - California,

I had originally purchased an auto chicken coop door from Amazon for $150. It was a total pain to set up, the quality was substandard at best—and to top it all off, it almost killed one of my chickens. She is okay, but since the accident she has a way different personality. It’s really sad. When this coop door came back in stock it was a no brainer. Just by watching videos of it I knew it would be better than what I had. I returned my piece of **** door to amazon and bought this. It just arrived today (9/15/20). I seriously couldn’t be more happy. It fit great on my custom made coop and took only a moment to install. It feels and looks great. Even though it’s plastic, it is very high quality. The controller is very well built, easy to use, and has a high grade feel to it. I am super super happy with this item. Man I wish I had this sooner. Everyone should have one of these on their coops. Just feels nice knowing you can spend an evening out with your girls being well taken care of. You can also sleep in without worrying about them being all cooped up. A cool feature to add would be an app that tells you if it’s open or closed for when you’re out of town. Either way I’m super pumped on this product. Highly recommend.

Love this!!! -

having this automatic door has allowed me to have chickens. I have a very busy life and i can't always get down to the hen house to open it early in the morning or after sunset. This door allows me to visit with the chickens to provide their food and water on my time. They are kept safe at night from predators. It was easy to install on the house my husband built. this is very well built and easy to use. thank you!!!

Best automatic door - Connecticut,

I did a lot of research regarding automatic chicken doors including talking to others who had the door on a local chicken FB page. All this before settling on the Omlet Auto Door. Im so glad I got this! So easy to install and tge safety feature was a big factor. Loved it so much, I ordered a second door. GREAT PRODUCT!

Love the door hate the instructions for the control box for that a 4 star - Connecticut,

The door is working great ,the instructions for the door were exact however , the instructions for the timer were horrible it took double the time to get the controller all set ,you need the instructions to be clear as for dummies exp is time maybe I should have know time of day but I did not it should have indicated now put time of day ,you need to make improvements on this , however now that all is set I had to call my sister in Maine who has this door to help me set up the controll box took 3 of us but now all set and I am very happy

Omlet chicken coop door and light -

Great product and really easy to fit to my chicken coop

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