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Amazing Investment + Piece of Mind - Natasha, Avon,

We purchased this automatic coop door in early March 2020 after about one month of chicken ownership and battery life is still at 100%. Setting automatic opening and closing times is super easy. Now we don't have to worry about staying out after dark and not being home to lock the girls up safely and they can get outside as soon as dawn breaks. We have only used the manual time setting so far since the coop is under a tree and I cannot recommend it enough. We purchased the gray door and I recently repainted the coop and the plastic auto omlet door took the paint easily and looks amazing!
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Grey 2

Holy WOW - Stephanie, East Sussex,

As a firs-time chicken owner (it's been about a month), I've really been enjoying everything but...the waking up at the crack dawn to let them out. This bad boy set up in no time and I can finally get my beauty rest and not stress about getting up and letting them out first thing. We like to go on weekend camping trips and I know this will give me the peace of mind that they're safely in at night and out and about in their run first thing, without having to rely on friends/neighbors. We also tested the "crush protector" and it will open right back up if it detects something is blocking the door. If you're thinking about getting this-do it! It arrived in under a week and the shipping was free. Hooray! Thank you Omlet!
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Works Great - Phillip, Shropshire,

The door was easy to install, appears well made, and the girls got used to it within two days. The light is very convenient when checking on the hens at night.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door with Coop Light - Green 2

- Katelyn, Avon,

Love the door. So simple to install!
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Grey 2

The Wow factor! 5 stars all the way. - George, Avon,

I purchased the door and light together as a single pack offer . I installed both items to a standard wooden chicken coop. I found this to be a straight forward. Installing the door and light was simple thanks to the straightforward instructions and clear diagrams and YouTube videos .The automatic door has made my life and my chickens life care free and a lot easier, it's nothing more than a WOW factor. The door opens every morning allowing the chickens to run free. Then at night time the light comes on a couple of minutes before the door is due to closes "this seems to attract the chickens back in to the coop and there nest boxes". If you're worried about the chickens being trapped by the door closing don't be . I have seen one of my chickens sitting in the doorway as the door was trying to close , once it detected that there was a chicken in the way it reopened allowing the chicken to move out of the way before it reclosed, keeping the chickens safely locked away. I love this product, it's one of the best on the market and it looks great on the chicken coop . Everyone that sees it in action all ways says WoW ! Lol I enjoy my chickens and they enjoy the freedom that the " Omlet automated door " has given them. Thank you team Omlet. George
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Grey 2

Excellent kit - Keith, East Sussex,

I fitted the auto chicken door to my Sussex wooden chicken house. It was necessary to secure the door with large screws rather than the supplied bolts which were not long enough. I also reduced the size of the pop hole to that specified in the Omlet instructions. The fitting instructions were easy to follow and programming the unit was simple . As my hens are early to bed and early to rise I have changed the light settings to 15/15 from the default values. I have been impressed with the auto door which has worked without problem.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green 2

Perfection - Julie, Aberdeenshire,

I was a little sceptical about paying so much for this automatic door and light but I have to say it was worth every penny. Has worked perfectly since the day I, yes I, installed it. I don’t have get up at the crack of dawn to let the hens out. They go home when the light comes on and the door closes automatically shortly afterwards.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door with Coop Light - Grey 2

Automatic door opener - Nancy, East Sussex,

I bought this door ,and it was very well packed ,and delivery was super fast .I was a little nervous before it came that I wouldn’t be able to put it up myself on an old wood coop .well I’m telling you if you are on the fence about buying one don’t be nervous it was unfounded .I am a 66 year old women and put that up in no time . It will now save me from having to get up so early to let my girls out .And I don’t need to worry about the rain .Ive only had it for a day and I already am in love with it .i can sit and have coffee instead of rushing out to let them out ,or worry about going out at nightfall to let them in .
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green 2

Super convenient, and makes for happy hens - Nik, Shropshire,

I think I could do an even more glowing review if I had started with the manual door and got the automatic door later, but I started with the automatic door, so I can't contrast it with the pains of not having it. That being said, I love the autodoor. Our coop is mere feet from our bedroom window, but they never wake us up, because the door automatically opens to let them out as soon as the sun comes out. When I wake up, I go outside to check on them, and they are always happily milling about the run, eating, drinking, and doing what chickens do. It took three or four nights for all of the chickens to figure out how to get up the ladder and to get into the coop before the door closed, but now that they have figured it out, they are always in the coop with time to spare, and then safely locked up for the night without me having to do anything (although so far I have always gone out to make sure all of my chickens made it in and that the door is closed). For me, this was definitely worth the investment, if for no other reason than that the chickens get let out in the morning without my help.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door with Coop Light - Green 2

Not essential, but nice - Nik, Norfolk,

This wasn't strictly necessary for me, because I could have attached the control panel to the run, but I wanted it on the coop itself, and this allowed me to easily do that. It fits perfectly, and made mounting a breeze.
Review for: Mounting Bracket for Autodoor Control Panel - Eglu Cube Mk2 2

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