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EGGSellent (pun intended) - Vicky,

Very easy to add and gives' the girls' more room
Review for: 3ft Run Extension for Eglu Go

Rather fiddley to put together - Mary,

The clips were difficult to use and the whole thing a bit fiddley but once done it looked good and works well.
Review for: 3ft Run Extension for Eglu Go

A great solution to winter! - Paul,

Seems expensive at first, but this run extension makes a big difference to the space available and means that Layla & Roxanne can spend the winter in comfort, with a winter shade to keep the rain and snow off and Hemcore underfoot to keep the run mud-free.
Review for: 3ft Run Extension for Eglu Go

Run Clips - Good - Suzanne, Pembrokeshire,

Integral item for the cube and useful replacement. The only downside is when it is dark it is very difficult to see the dang things as they are the same colour as the wire on the cube - I have put reflective tape and tried reflective paint but often resort to a twig. I have also thought of compling the two together. But overall good.
Review for: Run Pins Eglu Cube Mk1 - Pair

Makes for easier access - Wendy, Suffolk,

An intrinsic problem with the run supplied with the Go is the difficulty of reaching the other end of the run from the one entrance. The chooks seem to have a knack for piling up the chippings in the Eglu doorway so the door jams and it's very difficult to get in to clear it out. We've found this extra panel with door to be an excellent solution. Although it's described as 'End panel with Door' it fits into the sides as well, and having replaced the side panel nearest the Go with this one, we now have access at both ends of the run.
Review for: Eglu Go - Run End Panel with Door (005.0251)

Spare run pins for large door - Sue, Pembrokeshire,

Being a cautious person, I bought spare runs pins as a precaution against misplacing my current ones on a dark winter's night when the rain is lashing down and the westerly wind is blowing at gale force. The really clever thing would be to remember where I have stored them!
Review for: Run Pins Eglu Cube Mk1 - Pair

Excellent if costly - Kathryn,

Having bought my 3 girls & their Go in early June, they've had a wonderful summer with kids home from uni so lots of supervision for free ranging...With term starting, they will have to be in the run far more and so more space in the run was essential (An aside: It would be lovely if Omlet could make it clear when talking hen capacity that it's the houses, not the runs, that accommodate the number of chooks mentioned in their ads) Unfortunately I ordered mine just in time to be hit by the September price rise, but it arrived promptly, was easy to attach and the girls look very happy with their enhanced accommodation.
Review for: 3ft Run Extension for Eglu Go

A must - Emma,

I felt that the existing run was not big enough for my thee girls. With the colder weather coming I wanted them to have more shelter. I am really glad I bought it. They love the extra space.
Review for: 3ft Run Extension for Eglu Go

Excellent idea! - Jodie, Suffolk,

This is a great idea - it's not only young fit people people who want to keep hens and anything which makes access easier is going to be a hit with those of us who are getting a bit creaky! I wish I had something similar for our Eglu Cube, too.
Review for: Eglu Go - Run End Panel with Door (005.0251)

Useful extension. - David,

It gives our chooks that bit more room for when they are not free ranging in the garden.
Review for: 3ft Run Extension for Eglu Go

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