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Reviews for Modern Chicken Coop - Eglu Go

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SUPER COOP! - warwickshire,

FANTASTIC COOP! This coop is a total triumph. Easy to assemble (you need some time and a helping hand is useful) The chickens are sooo happy in their Eglu run and coop. My chicks are completely free range but ALWAYS return to their cosy coop to lay. Its wonderfully easy and quick to clean - so it stays fresh and hygienic! Pricey but totally worth it!!!

Love it - North Yorkshire,

Great coop my chickens are very happy and safe and it is extremely easy to clean. All round great product

Fabulous -

This is a fantastic hen coop, video was very helpful to construct it. Just waiting for ours 3 girls once lockdown has eased. Many thanks

Eglu Chicken Coop -

We have three rhode island reds and the Eglu works perfectly. its not cheap thats for sure but accessing the eggs, feeding and watering and particularly cleaning them out is a doddle. Worth the outlay I reckon. It was only a shame it took so long to come.

Great! -

Great service and product.

Excellent coop - just wish it was cheaper to convert to the 'UP' - Derbyshire,

This is an excellent coop; we've had ours 6 years now and it's still in very good condition. Easy to clean and maintain. My only constructive criticism is I wish Omlet would (please!!!) design a piece of sloping connecting kit that allowed you to convert it to the 'UP' (so coop raised off ground level) WITHOUT having to ditch the already expensive ground-floor level 3-meter run we have. I would definitely invest in buying the 'UP' Frame if it came with some 'connector' that made it compatible with the ground-level existing run. Having said all that, the 'GO' is excellent and well worth the initial outlay in my opinion. All of our chickens who have previously, and those who are still living in it, seem very happy and healthy.

Omlet Says: Hi Clare, thank you for your review. I have taken your feedback and have passed it onto our product design team. Please stay tuned to our social media or newsletter to be informed if we launch this concept. Kind regards, Omlet

Incredible bit of kit -

We have 3 coops, 2 wooden and 1 Eglu go. Cleaning the Eglu go takes minutes, it takes longer for me to prepare the water and get out of the house than it does cleaning it. I cannot clean the wooden ones without multiple unmentionables uttered! The only issue I have with the eglu go is that the nesting box is in the same compartment as the roosting bars, therefore the wood shavings or straw (whichever you prefer) goes flying as they kick it out and lay their eggs on the hard plastic surface. This is designed far better in the Eglu cube where there is a separate compartment for the nesting box. I feel the Eglu go is worth the money but the cube was a step too far on our budget. The free drinkers and feeders that come with it aren't very good but they get you started. I will be buying from another Eglu in the future.

Simply the best on the market! - Lancashire,

After a few years of using wooden coops and sheds to house our poultry we decided to try Omlet's Eglu Go. Well i wish we had tried them right from the start. Fantastic is an understatement!. We bought one last August and now have 12. There easy to clean, maintain and more importantly there perfect for our rescue hens. Being fox resistant and not having to worry about redmite just add to the long list of reasons why the Omlet Eglu Go is the best coop on the market

Perfect size and height for our handicapped hen - South Carolina,

We have a hen who lost the use of her feet when she was just beginning to lay eggs. She sort of walks on her legs, and we needed a small coop to keep her separated from her flock, some of whom were continuously pecking her neck. She was unable to get up the ramp of the small ramp we tried first, so we purchased this one because she can get in and out as no ramp is needed. The only negative for this coop is that an automatic door is not available. We have an automatic door on our large coop, and it greatly relieves the anxiety of not locking them up on time, or letting them out at sunrise. But the convenience is now pretty much negated by the need to get our hurt girl locked up and opened up. We would be so grateful if we could get an automatic door for this coop.

Eglu Go -

Love how easy it is to clean & move around the yard. Use this for new girls before introducing to my established flock & for solitary confinement due to illness, injury or broodiness! I've had it for 7 months & seem to always be using it for one reason or another! Glad I purchased it!

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