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Reviews for Modern Chicken Coop - Eglu Go

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Perfect size and height for our handicapped hen - South Carolina,

We have a hen who lost the use of her feet when she was just beginning to lay eggs. She sort of walks on her legs, and we needed a small coop to keep her separated from her flock, some of whom were continuously pecking her neck. She was unable to get up the ramp of the small ramp we tried first, so we purchased this one because she can get in and out as no ramp is needed. The only negative for this coop is that an automatic door is not available. We have an automatic door on our large coop, and it greatly relieves the anxiety of not locking them up on time, or letting them out at sunrise. But the convenience is now pretty much negated by the need to get our hurt girl locked up and opened up. We would be so grateful if we could get an automatic door for this coop.

Eglu Go -

Love how easy it is to clean & move around the yard. Use this for new girls before introducing to my established flock & for solitary confinement due to illness, injury or broodiness! I've had it for 7 months & seem to always be using it for one reason or another! Glad I purchased it!

No Mites -

easy to clean, perfect in rain and wind

simple, practical, colourful chicken coop and run -

Easy to put together, well designed as it all stays together and sturdy even after moving it multiple times around the garden. Is great for a first-time chicken owner. Chickens are delighted with their new home, often are left free range around the garden but the run gives us the security when we are out. Open the door and they run straight in, usually to the practical feeder or drinker. Simple to clean and get fresh eggs every morning in the coop.

Just the job -

Replaced our aging wooden chicken coop with what we hoped was safer and easier to keep clean. We chose the standard coop with the 2 metre run and wheels for moving around the garden. To start with the wheels weren't working properly but a quick email to eglu and replacement parts were sent out and now perfect. My old coop was a core to clean out this is great a hose down and a little brush to get the worst off and back to gather. We have three chickens ranging from large to medium birds and they fit in fine. And item nice and solid but with the wheels easy to move around. The 2m run is mainly if we are going to be late back and can leave them in the fox proof run an know our chickens are safe. We had been having problems with foxes trying to gain entry to our old coop but no signs and been up now for around 18 months and still looks as good as the day we got it. The wheels are a must if you are sitting on grass enabling for lawn maintenance and reducing wear. Are currently looking at the automatic door which will help if we are away for a couple of days.

Fantastic coop -

This coop is so easy to keep clean it's lovely. I know it's a lot more money compared to some wooden ones but it is worth it. You can keep it so clean and a little midweek clean takes 10 minutes. Easy to build and maintain. My 2 year old loves it and it's safe for him to be around with no Sharpe edges etc. Fantastic addition to your garden. Would recommend the 3m run as 2m is just to small for 3 hens. Great quality product and customer services team are great if you need any help.


Solves my problem (Fox) and what was needed.very pleased.


Very good product and my hens are happy thank you.

Eglu Go Coop -

I have 3 very happy chickens who love their new home! With the extra fencing to give them some ‘play time’ I have contented chooks who have started giving me eggs already! Wonderful!

Coop is fantastic, run takes time to build but is worth it -

I highly recommend this coop / run combo. It is very easy to clean and great for 2-3 small bantams and at most 2 medium sized chickens. Be sure to use a child lock to further secure the coop as a racoon can easily open the coop without it. All in all, very happy with my purchase.

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