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138 Ft. fence - Massachusetts,

I love this fence. Our yard is already fenced in, but bought this as additional security for our 2 month hold hens. More hens on the way so this will be great.

Superb product, highl recommended. -

We were having enormous problems keeping our 4 hens under control, they totally destoyed the vegetable garden, it looked like a war zone wherever they had access. The Omlet has restored sanity to our garden, the hens are happily contained in their own area, and we can start growing vegetables again. Having tried a number of other solutions, the Omlet outdoes them all, can't recommend it highly enough.

Chicken Proof!! -

Does what it says on the tin; needs a couple of people to put up but once in place it has kept my little Houdinis where they should be! Looks smart and tidy too. Would recommend.

It’s a great product. -

Brilliant fencing -

This fencing was easy to assemble and easy to move around. Exactly what we wanted to keep our hens off our veg patch. Perfect.

The gate makes this product so versatile - VIC,

I like the fencing, but I REALLY LOVE the gate. I got the 21m fence and an extra gate, and I have ordered my third gate. I've used the the fencing in three different places to join areas of the garden and now I have two big runs and three access points. It has just added so much ease and versatility to our chicken set up, especially after I bought a second coop.


yes thanks it serves it's purpose and is not unsightly, and is flexible and can easily be moved when i want to change the run.

Great mobile fencing - North Carolina,

The fencing was the first item I purchased from Omlet. Although there was some initial miscommunication regarding delivery dates, Clare in customer service was extremely helpful in getting the issue resolved. Since then, I have made several other purchases with no problem whatsoever. The fencing allows the chooks to explore different parts of our homestead, as we don't yet have a permanent fence up. It was initially easy to set up by myself. The spiked stakes work well, even in our clay soil and the height is perfect so that the chooks stay safe and contained. I'm also able to easily drape netting over the top when hawks are in the area. I would purchase this item again.

Value for Money - Well pleased with Purchase -

Simple to assemble, easy on the eye and a real boon to the home chicken keeper.

Guide Rope design -

Very well made BUT in a relatively small garden, like ours, the guideropes inhibit movement and I have tripped over them more than once - especially at night.

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