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Great for added flexibility and space! - Jennifer, Surry,

This is our second fence purchase. We started with a shorter fence and then decided to get the larger one to increase the area for our chickens to wander. Overall, we love the flexibility in being able to pick up a couple of stakes and move them as needed! It's made our ability to provide new areas way easier, while keeping the chickens contained. The only note I would make is the door stake that holds the open/close door part - the plastic holder piece very quickly broke because the screws holding the crossed plastic piece went right through. It doesn't prevent us from using it and we still love it a lot, but we have to remember that it is no longer attached if we move the door. I wish there was a bit more of a substantial way to attach that foot.
Review for: Omlet Chicken Fencing Mk2 - 138ft - inc. Gate, Poles and Guy Lines

The reviewer has 4-6 Easter Egger Roo, Ba pets

Omlet Says: Hi Jennifer, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. I sent you an email in order to offer you a solution in regards to the broken piece. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us and has been passed onto our Product Design team for future improvements. Yours, Clemence, Omlet Customer Service team

Works great - Charity,

It was easy to put together and put up. It keeps the chickens in. I like that it is portable.
Review for: Omlet Chicken Fencing Poles - Set of 5

The reviewer has 2-4 Orpingtons pets

Pretty good - Gemma, Bedfordshire,

I must admit I thought the fencing would be a little sturdier but overall it was easy to put up and a good flexible option for the yard. My chickens dug underneath the fence in places where it wasn't taut enough at the bottom because they're little escape artists, but after readjusting a few times it seems to have stopped. For a straight square I think it would be better but mine is in more of a rectangle down the side of my yard so I think that made it harder to get right, I would have found some extra poles handy it seemed too few for the length of the fence to support it and I wasn't even using the full length of the fencing. The fencing is also folded in half on the roll which gives it a crease in the middle, I had a strong urge take an iron to it all but of course it is plastic and that would be stupid. It just made it that little bit more frustrating to get straight and taut between the poles, in fact basically impossible.
Review for: Omlet Chicken Fencing Mk2 - 69ft - inc. Gate, Poles and Guy Lines

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Omlet Says: Hi Gemma, Thank you for your feedback. It has been passed onto our product design team who will evaluate it for future improvements. Poles are available to purchase separately, if you find that extra poles might be beneficial to your setup. You can find them here. The crease on the mesh is indeed caused by the way it arrives folded, however it should disappear with time. Yours, Your Omlet Customer Service Team

Changed mesh - Michael, Bedfordshire,

I have previously bought this fencing and the mesh was woven netting like fishing net. You have replaced this with a poly extruded product which is not what I expected or desired.
Review for: Omlet Chicken Fencing Mk2 - 69ft - inc. Gate, Poles and Guy Lines

The reviewer has 2-4 Red common Chickens pets

Omlet Says: Hi Michael, Thank you for your message. The netting of the fence is made from polypropylene. If this is not conform to what you were looking for, don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to take advantage of our 30 Day No Quibble Free Returns. Yours, Omlet Customer Service Team

So far so good. - Maria, Bedfordshire,

I was somewhat skeptical that this would deter them from accessing the area I wanted to fence off, as my girls are a little bit 'flighty' and somewhat intrepid. However, to date, they have not succeeded in entering the area (seeming quite happy to scratch around it). It is a little pricey but everything needed is supplied in one package and delivered to the door (very handy if you do not drive). I can reposition it whenever I need to, it is so easy to move. The guide ropes were not used and the fencing withstood the horrendous winds we had recently. All in all doing what it was meant to do, no complaints here.
Review for: Omlet Chicken Fencing Mk2 - 69ft - inc. Gate, Poles and Guy Lines

The reviewer has 2-4 Chickens pets

Handy anytime anywhere - Nami,

Firstly I used this temporary fence to provide the run area outside the coop. After purchasing the Walk in Run, I used to protect plants, vegetables and newly planted lawns. It is easy to set up and fold down when not in use. Good quality gate comes with it.
Review for: Omlet Chicken Fencing Poles - Set of 5

The reviewer has 2-4 Australorp pets

Works great - Kareen, Bedfordshire,

I love the fencing so my hens can free range. But.....the instructions were terrible or maybe I just too dumb. I studied the instructions, plus watched a UTube video over and over. Once I got my posts put together I just started it and it all fell into place. I would suggest getting some heavier duty stakes because the ones they send you are pretty flimsy. All in all I am very pleased with it and it recommended needing two people but I did it by myself with no problem.
Review for: Omlet Chicken Fencing Mk2 - 69ft - inc. Gate, Poles and Guy Lines

The reviewer has 8-10 Easter Egger, White pets

Perfect - Amanda, Somerset,

I got 3 rescue hens and they thank you as they now have there own safe space. The gate makes all the difference. Easy to put together and no more trying to jump the fence perfect ????
Review for: Omlet Chicken Fencing Mk2 - 39ft - inc. Gate, Poles and Guy Lines

Great temporary fencing - Caradog, Bedfordshire,

I was looking for a lightweight fence that we could use to keep our chickens away from part of the garden which would also be easy to move & store. The Omlet fence is perfect for this & the gate allows easy access to the chickens. A great product.
Review for: Omlet Chicken Fencing Mk2 - 69ft - inc. Gate, Poles and Guy Lines

The reviewer has 6-8 various pets

chickens jump and FLY OVER - rabbits blast big holes through it ! - Sam,

chickens Jump and FLY OVER this fence. Meanwhile rabbits blast big holes through it !!! we have had a rabbit run through the fence, and now there are just big gaping holes laong the bottom. our chickens laugh at us, as they fly over the top of these, and duck through the holes in the bottom. it was nice at first, but quickly dismissed from our chickens. the
Review for: Omlet Chicken Fencing Poles - Set of 5

Omlet Says: Hi Sam, Thank you for taking the time to write a review to us. Our fencing should be higher than most other types, however, if your chickens still manage to fly over it, we would recommend wing clipping. This procedure is very easy and harmless for your chickens. You can find more info about this here. Our fencing has not been designed to be predator proof, which is why rabbits can indeed create holes in the fencing. Its purpose is to contain your chickens within one area of your garden. We stay at your disposal for any further information. Yours, Omlet Customer Service team

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