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1metre chicken perch -

This was very easy to assemble and attach to the run . It is easy to keep clean , and the chickens love it .


Very well made nice to be able to custom fit it.

Extends usable space -

We purchased this for use in our Eglu Cube coop + run. Our chickens enjoy perching on it and I like that it extends the usable, vertical space of the run. I would not say it's a 'must have' but it is certainly 'nice to have'!

fab -

my old and new chickens love this. will post photos soon. get at least one you will not regret it.

Perfect Chicken Perch -

My ladies are using it regularly. Great addition to our run.

excellent product -

This perch is well made, and very easy to install, only took a few minutes to get it set up. Once installed, it is very sturdy and solid. I am thinking about getting another so that all 7 chicks can perch comfortably!


for swingers everywhere

Our Pekin Bantams love it! -

Easy to install, really sturdy and the girls just love it, they hop on and off all day long.

A great perch! Our chickens love it! - Michigan,

Easy to install, very secure, seems really durable, and our chickens absolutely love it.

Love it! - Indiana,

My chickens LOVE this. I went with the 6ft option instead of the 3ft because I have eight birds and I was worried they would "argue" over who got to sit on it. I just installed it yesterday (super easy to put together) - it took them about a day to get over their suspicion of the new object enough to try it out. Three chickens are sitting on it now, happy as can be, and there's room for the others when they're ready to hop on up!

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