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Very clever design -

I admit that when I ordered the 2m perch, I wondered whether I was spending good money on a glorified broom handle...but actually this is a very clever design and I don't regret buying it at all. I have it diagonally in a Mk1 2m x 3m walk-in run. I already have a homemade standalone perch and this Omlet perch is a great addition, that no doubt will be well used by my hens.

Great -

Just received the perch and fitted it to my Eglu Cube. The chickens took a day to work it out but now seem to really like it. I found it pretty easy to assemble and it seems strong. Thanks.

Great Product! -

We just love the new chicken perch from Omlet, it makes such a difference to the hens, especially when they need to stay secure in their run for a while. A great value product that facilitates the natural chicken instinct to perch up high and get a good safe view of all around them. A well designed addition to the fantastic Eglu range of products.

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