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Love it - Sandra,

This is an amazing coop and my girls love it

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Easy to clean - San Diego Ca,

Solid, easy to clean. Efficient use of space. Not easy to move though, and that is one reason I bought it. When you lift up one end the weight goes on the wheels but the fencing of the back digs into the ground. We have to pick it up to move it.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Best chicken tractor - Dawn,

I love this chicken tractor! When we got our chickens we had this heavy wooden A-frame tractor that broke my back every day trying to move it. We tried so many things and spent so much money trying to improve this thing and one day my husband said, “Thant’s it! I’m done trying to make this thing work, go ahead and buy that eglu tractor you want.” So before he could hesitate I pulled the trigger on the purchase. A decision neither of us regret! This is so easy to move and so very easy to clean and fill up the feeders. It takes the chore out of moving the chickens to fresh pasture every day. My only criticism is the doors are a little bit difficult to get lined up and closed but mainly because I have a chicken that pecks my hand while I try and do it so I wish it was easier. The plastic clamps that hold this together seem to be holding up to regular use. I’m curious to see how they hold up in the winter. Overall, best purchase I’ve made for my chickens. They love it too!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Great for the price - Nathalie,

I bought this as a small house for new arrivals. I also have the cube and its def not as solid/warm as this. I also found it to be more prone to drafts then the cube, especially as I use it without the perch tray but this was easily remedied with a bit of draft excluder tape around the back panel. Birds seem to like it and it was a good price. Only niggle is its in a walk in omlet enclosure and when you take the droppings tray out to empty in compost it wont go through the door unless you tip it - so everything tips out?

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

You need this in your life. - Sarah,

After years of fighting to keep a clean coop, this product is a must have and worth every penny. Cleanup takes only seconds and a hose. I love that I can move my girls to new grass every day without worrying about predators. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to keep hens without the hassle, especially for those who are backyard chicken families!

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Just Love It - Anna, Pennsylvania,

I came across the Go Up searching for a kit I could put together without a drill. And learning that plastic doesn't attract red mite sealed the deal. For those of you wondering how difficult it is to put together. With my 12 year old daughter, we watched the videos. When it arrived, the instruction manual looked perfectly clear, but I am totally handy person challenged. I went off to get a coffee to calm my stress. LOL. By the time I got back, my kid had put the wheels and base together. In fact, she didnt really need me to do the rest either. Except tighten some screws and hold some pieces. Luckily we had kit that fit together well..all the screw holes matched etc. I didn't complete the online order correctly, so I didnt get the enclosure. I sent an email and customer service called me and sorted it out in a jiffy. It is so cute. My neighbors come to see it.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Our silkies love their Eglu Go Up! - Elise, Colorado,

I am beyond thrilled at my purchase of the Eglu Go Up with 9ft Run for my two silkie girls. We also bought the combi-cover intended for the Eglu Cube and it fits perfectly! They figured out the ladder in 2 days and they take naps up in their coop now. IT IS SO EASY TO CLEAN! It never smells -ever. I use hemp bedding and it almost acts like cat litter to clump around the poo. I also use an enzyme spray every evening and sprinkle dried herbs on their nest. Cannot be happier! We move the Eglu Go Up on wheels around the yard and we are able to keep our beautiful manicured lawn. I collect their poop and use it in my raised bed garden and composter. Could. Not. Be. Happier!

Verified Purchase: May 2020

Easy to mind - Susan,

Put the coop and the run together relatively easily, although some slightly more detailed instructions or drawings would have helped on occasion. Pleased with how easy it is to keep clean. Would have been a small space for the (2) hens without the extension, though. The food container supplied is way too big, I think, for a small number of hens. I bought a small hopper instead. Having a gate under the coop at the back would be great to enable you to put food in there when it is raining.....or to more easily catch a hen. A second sun/rain cover should be supplied if you buy an extension. Should the nesting box be redesigned? Small, prone to fouling by the other hens. What about moving it to the back of the coop and putting sides round it?

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Great Chicken Coop with Wheels - Lory,

The coop is perfect for my three Buff Orpington hens. It looks great, easy to clean and they have the security they need. Plus it's easy to move about too. I have to say the customer service is wonderful as I had some issues with the frame. That being said it was quickly replaced and all went smooth from there. I look forward to purchasing more great additions for the coop in the future.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Very happy with my new go up coop - Kathy,

I don’t think the go up coop is as sturdy as my big Omlet coop but it’s still really good and very easy to clean my four Golden Phoenix love it I fact the three Bluebells go and lay their eggs in the small coop ????????????????????????????

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

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