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Took some time to construct but that was an issue for me some items missing but sent next day following contact so thank you very much for that Have issues with the run difficult to construct and rather flimsy causing problems closing doors and moving henhouse not helped by our uneven ground but I love the eglu and so do the hens

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 Mixed pets

Great -

Nice set up once its up but its a pain to put together. There are a huge amount of separate pieces to fit together and it takes time, especially when clipping the run parts together. I feel like there needs to be a better way of doing this especially for the amount of money you pay. The house itself is a solid build and easy to access and clean. Generally very happy with this so far, I just hope we don't ever need to take it apart!

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Easy to clean -

Solid, easy to clean. Efficient use of space. Not easy to move though, and that is one reason I bought it. When you lift up one end the weight goes on the wheels but the fencing of the back digs into the ground. We have to pick it up to move it.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Great for the price -

I bought this as a small house for new arrivals. I also have the cube and its def not as solid/warm as this. I also found it to be more prone to drafts then the cube, especially as I use it without the perch tray but this was easily remedied with a bit of draft excluder tape around the back panel. Birds seem to like it and it was a good price. Only niggle is its in a walk in omlet enclosure and when you take the droppings tray out to empty in compost it wont go through the door unless you tip it - so everything tips out?

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

Easy to mind -

Put the coop and the run together relatively easily, although some slightly more detailed instructions or drawings would have helped on occasion. Pleased with how easy it is to keep clean. Would have been a small space for the (2) hens without the extension, though. The food container supplied is way too big, I think, for a small number of hens. I bought a small hopper instead. Having a gate under the coop at the back would be great to enable you to put food in there when it is raining.....or to more easily catch a hen. A second sun/rain cover should be supplied if you buy an extension. Should the nesting box be redesigned? Small, prone to fouling by the other hens. What about moving it to the back of the coop and putting sides round it?

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Good product. -

Pleased over all but feeder and drinker accessories are too big for bantam hens and roosting bars too close to the dropping board.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Very happy -

Fairly easy to construct by myself. Bought extra cable ties and used them on all the joins of the run which made it more stable. Also used the double clips on same areas but found them hard to close. Overall, very happy. Hope the chickens will be too when they arrive.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2019

Excellent but the run clips are janky -

Coop: The coop is excellent, 5/5. Went together easily. I used blue loctite on all bolts and screws for added security then lacquered all metal parts to prevent corrosion. Overkill but I'm an engineer so meh! Run: The run is good but a bit janky, as you would expect from a wire frame with no braces. It doesn't need braces but I really don't like the rattle in the wind and the very loose fit and finish of the supplied clips. About 200-300 cable ties later everything is as stuff as anything and all the gaps disappeared. The doors swing true and the skirt is perfect. For just a couple of quid and an hour's time this is a must IMO. After sniping the cable tie tails you can't really see them so it doesn't look like a bodge, thankfully. If these cable ties were supplied this would definitely push this up to 5/5. You get a few but not enough to take out all the slack and wobble.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2019

Sturdy coop - Vermont,

I purchased this coop to keep one chicken apart from the flock for its own safety. The coop is small but sturdy. I wouldn’t keep more than two chickens in it, and I feel they would need more foraging space than the 6 ft pen allows. It wasn’t a quick and easy assembly. It took several hours. I’m concerned that the pen isn’t completely predator proof and will use hardware cloth to reinforce it. I think it was a little pricey for what it is but I bought it for a quick fix for my situation.

Verified Purchase: May 2019

Bought to use temporarily now they're a permanent fixture in our garden - Bedfordshire,

We had two home-made runs attached to Eglus in our old garden and planned to build new ones after we moved house. We purchased two 2M runs as a temporary solution while we moved as they were very easy to assemble, disassemble and transport (and I do mean really easy!) However now we've used them for a few weeks we're in no rush to build larger runs, these are ideal for our needs with two chickens happily roaming in each. I have two minor gripes: The shade supplied is very small. In order to provide some permanent shade and to protect the feeders from rain, I had to create some custom sized tarpaulins and attach using the Omlet supplied bungees. The other issue is the access doors are small. They are perfectly adequate for accessing food and water, but if you need to delve a little further into the run (when the hens are cheeky and lay in the run!) it can be tricky to squeeze in. But overall we are very pleased and would certainly purchase more should the need arise.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2019

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