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Connector Fail - Stanley, Texas,

Very disappointed in this product. I expected the connection to have doors. My fault for not reviewing the components prior to purchase. I bought two so that we could connect to Eglu coops to a 6 foot run, Specifically so that we could mix younger chicks with older hands by controlling access to the run in between. I have one box that remains unopened. I modified the existing coop doors to fit with the opening into the run area. I feel the connection pieces are a waste of money.
Review for: Connection Kit for Outdoor Pet Run - Eglu Cube MK2 with Run

Verified Purchase: Sep 2021

Omlet Says: Hi Stanley, Thank you for taking the time to write to us. We are sorry to read that this connection kit did not match your needs. It has been designed to allow you to connect your Eglu Cube to a Walk-In Chicken Run. To ensure that the product matches your expectations, we would recommend you to have a look at the product and its photos on the product page, or through the Walk-In Run page here, where you can add connection kits to your existing Walk-In Run and see what they look like, in the section at the top page, "Choose Your Chicken Walk In Run". Don't hesitate to contact us as well, our Customer Service Team is always happy to bring you precisions about products. Our contact details are here. Yours, The Omlet Customer Service Team

City chickens got an upgrade - Tonys, Louisiana,

Last year I bought the Low Rise run but decided to start the deep litter method and needed to be able to get inside and stand up. This year I purchased the upper level and love it! Thanks to Hurricane Ida, I was able to add nice logs around the perimeter and a couple of branch roosts. It’s now a beautiful enclosure that I can walk around in. The split door lets me open just the top and toss in snacks and treats if I don’t need to get inside. Nice digs for city chicks.
Review for: Outdoor Pet Run - Upper Door

Verified Purchase: Oct 2021 The reviewer has 6-8 Barred Rocks, Rhode pets

Coop Handles - Sherryl,

My coop was a little hard to move because I am on a steep hill and have a 3 metre run. The handles are mounted on the front of the coop and have made a big difference to the effort I need to put in to move it. Very happy with the, the only slight downside is that they tend to narrow the doorway a little.
Review for: Eglu Run Handles

The reviewer has 2-4 ISA Brown pets

Make moving easier - Kara, Ohio,

These handles definitely make it easier to move the unit from place to place. Pleased with my purchase.
Review for: Eglu Run Handles

Verified Purchase: Aug 2021 The reviewer has 4-6 pets

Lynch pin for Eglu Classic - Sarah,

I bought this a couple of weeks ago for my Eglu classic that is purchased 2nd hand from a friend. It had done without the original lynch pin… I’d been using a tent peg, but this is purposefully designed for the job….perfect item.
Review for: Lynch Pin

Verified Purchase: Aug 2021 The reviewer has 4-6 Silkies and frizzles pets

Simple and easy to use. - Jennifer,

I’m really impressed with the Omlet screw pegs. With the drill attachment I can screw in or remove the pegs in just a couple of minutes. With arthritic hands it’s a job I’ve always had to get my husband to do. They are large and easy to handle. The pegs hold the skirt down firmly around my cube chicken coop and I feel confident in its security.
Review for: Omlet Screw Pegs - 12 Pack

Verified Purchase: Aug 2021 The reviewer has 4-6 Chickens pets

Easy and functional - Steve,

Easy to install in soft and hardish ground. They hold the coop skirt extremely well.
Review for: Omlet Screw Pegs - 12 Pack

Verified Purchase: Aug 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Rodents chewed through it within hours - Patrick,

I bought the Omlet MK2 105 sq ft. chicken fencing and a rabbit chewed through it within hours and now my chickens are escaping. This is cheap plastic fencing no different from something you can get for half the price at a big box store. I am really disappointed.
Review for: Omlet Chicken Fencing Poles - Mk2 - Set of 5

Verified Purchase: Jul 2021 The reviewer has 4-6 chickens pets

Omlet Says: Hi Patrick, Thank you for your review. As stated on our website, our fencing has been designed as a means of keeping your chickens in a contained area, and is not predator proof. If you wish to fix your fencing, repair kits are available on our website. If you are looking for a predator proof solution, don't hesitate to have a look at our chicken runs, which are built to resist to most predators. We stay at your disposal for any further information. Yours, The Omlet Customer Service Team

Easy to assemble and very useful. - Dimitra, Manchester,

It took me around 4 hours to fix it. It is strong and stable. You should force your cats to be there and you should not close the door from the beginning. They need some time but now I close the door and they stay there for hours. Safe solution and both sides (parents and their furry babies) are happy.
Review for: Outdoor Pet Run - Upper Door

Verified Purchase: Jul 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 pets

Great Addition to my New-Old Coop - Stephanie,

I was lucky enough to find a Omlet Go coop for a steal, but my ladies weren’t too excited about it. Their other two coops are on stands and I think it just didn’t feel safe with it sitting on the ground. Since I got the coop for next to nothing I decided to splurge on a stand and wheels. I was honestly surprised how well the stand and wheels worked with the 7 year old coop. I thought there might be some issue with it not fitting, but no. It worked perfectly! Now I’m able to wheel the coop out of the indoor greenhouse run to pressure wash and to cool down on warmer days when the greenhouse is just too warm. The hens immediately started laying eggs in it and have even slept in it a few times. Great quality and easy installation, as usual. Omlet does not disappoint!
Review for: Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop Wheel Set

Verified Purchase: Aug 2021 The reviewer has 10+ Buff Orpington, East pets

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