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Omlet smart chicken coops are designed to keep you connected to your chickens, wherever you are. Simply download our easy to use app, for peace of mind you can pop in your pocket. With Omlet smart chicken coops, you can check your Omlet Smart Autodoor status, open and close it from your phone and receive notifications in real time, for 24/7 coop control.

Upgrade your flock’s home with smart features

Keep smart, with features that lessen the logistical side of chicken keeping and widen the window for wonderful moments the enhanced connection brings. With our smart chicken coops, you can monitor battery levels from your phone, adjust settings to suit your chicken’s needs as and when you like, optimize their environment and minimize the demands on your time.

Automate your flock’s schedule

Our smart Automatic Chicken Coop Door provides your flock with a coop-concierge to close them up safely each night – even when you aren’t home. The Omlet Smart Autodoor adds an extra layer of security with its horizontal spiral opening and mechanism, ensuring your smart chicken coop is also Fort Knox for your flocks. With the easy to program, efficient Omlet Coop Light, your flock will have a nightlight to guide them to bed when it’s time to turn in, leading lingerers in to roost, before gently turning off once everyone’s in and the door is closed.

  • Easily program your Smart Autodoor to open and close on a schedule that follows the sun or the clock
  • Sophisticated safety sensors protect hens that dawdle in the doorway, gently nudging them out of the way before repeating the close process
  • Receive notifications on your phone via the Omlet app and check your door status in real time

3 reasons to buy a smart chicken coop from Omlet

  • Fully weatherproof and ultra durable, Omlet smart chicken coops are the ultimate investment as they will never need to be maintained or replaced.
  • Omlet smart coops are ingeniously designed with our unique easy clean system, with slide out droppings trays that can be hosed down and sparkling clean in seconds.
  • Our smart chicken coops are the gold standard in predator proofing, fitted as standard with two step raccoon proof locks and designed to withstand the weight of a bear.

Chicken keeping expertise at the highest level

With 20 years in design, our smart chicken coops have changed the chicken keeping game, bringing people everywhere closer to these bright, beautiful birds, with smart innovations that make caring for them compatible with the pressures of modern life in urban, suburban and rural environments alike. Why? Because chickens will make you smile. Keep you grounded. Give you a little peace. And that’s worth every innovation.