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The Loveable Indian Runner Duck - Ange,

I have the pleasure of owning several breeds of duck. Non are as endearing as my little runners. They were not my favourite breed and indeed i didn't think that they were the best looking but over the years they have earned the place of favourite. They are brave little ducks they are always upfront in any situation, first for food, first to the rattle of a spinach bag.=) They are true forages and will inspect every nook and cranny of the garden. They are quick on their feet and do not hang about if alarmed. They are good natured birds and will never be involved in any squabbles that take place. It is said that runners are quiet happy to have just a bowl of water to cover their heads. This may be true of the majority but my birds enjoy a swim as much as any of the other breeds i own, their just a little more patient. They will wait till all the other birds have been in the pool and then in they have their turn and they love it.=) Runners do need room to excersise they are more athletic than the other breeds and whilst my alyesburys are resting having had to walk from the food dish to the water trough the runners are busily going about duck business. Their eggs are plentiful and if allowed to sit make lovely and committed parents. They are not the hardiest of breeds but if taken care of properly they will thrive and give you great pleasure. There needs are few Drinking water = clean and fresh daily A dry straw bed = out of drafts Strong and secured housing = free from foxes plentiful food supply = clean never mouldy A paddling pool = cleaned regularly space = to play in provide the above and they will warm your heart and make you smile. xx

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