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Pekin Ducks

Pekin History

The Pekin duck, like the Pekin Bantam chicken, originated from China and soon began to spread elsewhere in the world around the 1800s.

Pekin Behaviour

These birds are like mini Runner Ducks with quite an upright stance but they have a slight chubby appearance. They are the perfect caricature of a duck with a bright yellow bill, orange shanks and toes and the ducklings are a bright yellow colour. The Pekins are quite common. These ducks have become very popular to farm as they grow quite quickly, are hardy, highly fertile and one of the largest size ducks. They are friendly calm ducks that are quite easy to train, however, they are one of the noisiest breeds to keep.

Pekin Varieties

They only come in White.

Pekin Pictures

Gemmy the most beautiful peking duck in the world !
Hungry ducks
Enjoying the fresh air with a Campbell duck
Flap those wings
jens's ducklings!
11 week old female
My Pekin
Wild Duck
Pekin Duck

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the best duck ever - Matthew,

i purchased 2 pekin ducks, they are the prettiest and the most friendly ducks ever, i let my son freely play around the garden and he loves the ducks, buy a pekin.

Peking Duck - Bill,

Excellent Duck. Had it this evening and looked spectacular and tasted better. Very Crispy indeed. Recommend naturally with the seasoning and the sweet bean sauce to go in the pancakes and cucumber. However one downside although it's very delicious it doesn't really agree with me now! ;)

- Lucas,

I have 1 pekin he is very pretty he has won many poultry shows he is picture perfect (when he is not playing in the mud

I love my Pekins - Rebecca,

They are super ducks! We love them to bits. Have not made a mess of my garden. I don't think they are noisy. Our neighbors did't even know we had them! and we are in an urban area with house all around. They are so easy to care for, let them out, feed them, give them fresh water (and they have a pond) and in the evening they are already in bed ready for the door to be closed :D Highly recommended :D

Beautiful wildfowl! - Lance,

We've owned Pekins now for over a year having purchased 2 ducks and a drake aged 2 weeks. They have grown in to fine hearty birds and a tremendous friendly little things. They will always greet you and follow you around. We've since had a duckling from them recently which is adorable. Highly recommended!