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Pomeranian (Pommern) Ducks

Pomeranian (Pommern) History

The name reveals the origin of this duck – a bird found on local farms in the Pomerania district in north-eastern Europe, on the German/Swiss border. It is a blue duck of which others include the Blue Swedish (for which is is sometimes mistaken). The Shetland is another blue duck. It is thought that they all originated in the coastal areas of Sweden, Germany and Holland. They were developed not for their interesting colour which is much of the attraction today but for being a good dual-purpose duck. It has a fairly long body but is broad and deep and carries itself more horizontally to the ground.

Pomeranian (Pommern) Varieties

It is classified as a light duck breed and is in two recognised colours, blue and black. The blue is particularly eye catching bird with its even light blue plumage and white big on upper breast while the black also sports the white bib and has a green sheen over its black plumage.

Pomeranian (Pommern) Status


Pomeranian (Pommern) Pictures

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