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Silver Appleyard Miniature Ducks

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Silver Appleyard Miniature History

The Silver Appleyard duck bred by the famous Reginald Appleyard is famous not only for its egg laying ability but also for its beauty. But until 1980 it did not have a miniature equivalent. Well known waterfowl breeder, Tom Bartlett changed all that by developing this breed in 1980 and it weights one third of the original breed. The miniature is not to be confused with the Silver Bantam which was developed by Reginald Appleyard. The two breeds have been standardised separately. The Silver Appleyard Miniature was taken up with some enthusiasm by breeders and exhibitors for its sheer beauty and it shines on an exhibition bench. It's also popular abroad.

Silver Appleyard Miniature Behaviour

As well as being good looking it is also a hardy and lively breed and a good layer. Although obviously a small carcase, as a table bird it is meaty and compact so it is useful for back yard or smallholding purposes. It's a good garden bird (though it will still eat young plants!) and likes to forage on slugs and snails. They are determined sitters and love to raise a family so if its eggs you want, you'll need to be strict about collecting every day. It's an easy breeder of strong ducklings. Keep a breeding trio for best results.

Silver Appleyard Miniature Varieties

It is bred to a precise standard. The drake has a black green head with a silver white flecked throat which has a silver ring around it. Under the neck it is claret to silver under the body and laced claret along the back. The rump is solid black green and the wings have blue tips. Whilst different, the duck is lovely with her silver white head and neck and creamy white underbody and she also sports blue tipped wings. They must be compact of body. A handsome couple indeed.They are in the bantam duck classification but strictly speaking a miniature is a duck (or chicken) that has a larger counterpart while a bantam has no large counterpart.

Silver Appleyard Miniature Status

Fairly common.

Silver Appleyard Miniature Pictures

Miniature appleyards
Meeting the chickens
Bumble the super tame Mini Appleyard
Happy Birthday!
Scoop and Lady GaGa enjoying the garden

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Beautiful duckies - Peanut,

The most adorable ducks, very sweet, cute and friendly!

Lovely friendly ducks. - Lynne,

I have 2 miniature appleyard ducks. They are very inquisitive and friendly. They fly really well so do need their wings clipped. They are quite vocal too, if anyone is sounding an alarm in my flock it'll be the 2 appleyards.

Fab ducks but the females are really loud - Emma,

We have 4 ducks and 1 drake. They are lovely ducks and very happy together. They love a splash in their pool and they are extremely beautiful. Sadly we are having to rehome them to a friends farm because our neighbour has complained about their quacking ????

Fabulous little bird - Laura,

Mine is a very confident and cocky little girl and she's very good at getting her share of food even taking it from a drake twice her size. She's a fast runner and loves a good a good swim with lots of diving which is lovely watch. She's very entertaining and extremely loving and cuddly.