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Looking to take up less backyard real estate? Look no further than Omlet’s chicken coop for 4 chickens. Our easy to clean, low profile chicken coops are perfect for smaller flocks.

Small coop, big features 

The ultimate housing solution for small flocks, our chicken coops for 4 chickens outperform other small hen houses. The unique rear access panel and coop door closing mechanisms are encompassed by superior safety features and insulation methods to keep your flock comfortable. See why our ergonomically designed chicken coops are an essential part of small flock chicken keeping. 

3 reasons why Omlet’s chicken coops for 4 chickens is the best option for small flock raisers: 

Choosing a chicken coop for 4 chickens is no small task – discover why Omlet is the best choice for your small backyard flock. 

  • Choose from ground-level chicken coops or elevated chicken coops

  • Dedicated nesting space separate from the roosting area for 4 chickens 

  • Pull-out droppings tray and smooth, wipeable surfaces make cleaning a breeze

Customizable chicken coop for 4 chickens

Whether your flock is big or small, chicken keeping is unique to each owner. We’ve laid the groundwork for successful flock raising – no matter the experience level. Our chicken coops for 4 chickens keep your hens warm in the winter and cool in the summer, are predator resistant, and can be customized to fit your specific style or routine. 

Chicken keeping expertise at the highest level, for every level 

At Omlet, we are the chicken experts. We’ve tirelessly pursued every question we’ve raised about keeping chickens, and the results are found in our beautifully crafted and thoughtfully designed chicken coops and chicken tractors. Add chicken toys to finish out the setup that all flocks and keepers dream of.