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Chicken Runs

At Omlet, our heavy-duty chicken runs are much more than just a way of keeping your flock contained. We’ve pushed beyond the boundaries of flimsy, cramped chicken enclosures and have created safe and fully customisable chicken runs. Adding a coop with a run allows you to design the ultimate hen playpen that you can enjoy right alongside of them.
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We’ve designed safe, spacious chicken runs that fulfill your flock’s need to explore and exercise. Omlet’s high-quality runs surround your hens from top to bottom providing a safe and secure enclosure. Roof panels help stop aerial threats, and anti-dig skirting helps prevent tunneling attempts from even the most persistent of chicken predators.

4 reasons to choose a chicken run from Omlet

  • Our chicken runs generous height makes it easy to spend time with your flock with comfort and ease.
  • Their modular design allows you to give your chickens more space to spread their wings at any time.
  • They are easy to combine with any chicken coop, plastic Eglu coops or DIY coops.
  • Runs include stable-style doors with secure latches to offer various levels of access.


Chicken run sizes can vary depending on how many chickens you want to keep. Before making a purchase, we advise you to check the chicken keeping laws of your state in case there are regulations to abide by.

Our walk in chicken runs come in 5 pre-configured options ranging from 6ft x 6ft to the larger 9ft x 12ft. Customizable expansion kits are also available to enable your run to grow with your flock.

Create your flocks’ dream chicken enclosure

A chicken run can be added to or around an existing coop, or seamlessly integrated with one of our Eglu Chicken Coops. Add enriching and engaging activities with our exclusive line of chicken run accessories like the PoleTree Chicken Perch, Freestanding Chicken Perch, Chicken Swing or Chicken Peck Toys and Caddi Treat Holder. Add a coop and run tarp to keep them comfy whatever the weather.


Building your chicken run is easy. To help you along the way, take a look at our step-by-step videos created in real time by one of our expert installers, allowing you to get it right the first time.

Designed by chicken keeping experts

Omlet asks questions from both the chicken keeper’s perspective and that of the chickens themselves. Questions like: what would it be like to walk with your chickens? Would chickens like more aerial space in their runs? Can we deepen the bond between humans and their chickens? We addressed these questions and more when we invented our line of chicken coops and runs.