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Ruby, 18 May 2020

My buff Orpington hen will not go broody we r keeping her with a buff rooster, she is protective of them a little and she snuggles them under her at night but never sits on them for long enough to keep them warm and support growth. Please help:)

, 5 May 2020

Today my chick is hatching

Christine, 14 April 2020

How do I know they are ready to sit

Gillian, 3 April 2020

Two of my hens are not going broody and have been laying eggs for 25 days. Why aren't they going broody. How can I encourage them to go broody. I have 40+eggs. Thank you gir your advice.

Shimizu, 12 October 2019

Sir what if my asil hatch an egg... then after i put again anothrt batch of egg it is possible that she will hatch again the 2nd batch pls help me...

Marie-Celine, 26 September 2019

Is the nest box in the eglu cube suitable for hatching eggs?

Thabani, 9 April 2019

I like to know how to make hens bigger and how to hatch eggs without hen

Charlie, 24 March 2019

my incubator has the eggs upright . silly question maybe but when they say turn the eggs what does that mean the egg air sac is up the pointy end down, i cannot imagine turning the egg upside down (the air sac down) maybe please advise

Benjamin, 24 March 2019

Would like to know more about brooding a chicken, this is my priority on natural egg production

Karrie, 21 March 2019

I have more of a question. This is my first time doing the egg hatching, once they start hatching do I need to separate the clocks. I dont want the chicks to get hurt or killed

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