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Hamster Treats

Treats should be exactly that – an occasional little surprise, and not part of the hamster’s daily diet. You can buy branded treats in pet stores, but a piece of their favorite fruit or veg makes a great treat too.

You might be dazzled by the many exciting looking sticks and nibbles being sold in the pet store. Exercising restraint is a good policy, though, as you don’t want to overload your pet with treats. Again, a treat should be an occasional addition, and not a regular part of your pet’s diet.

hamsters love treats
Hamsters love treats – but don’t overdo it!

Giving hamsters ‘treats’ made from human food leftovers, or other unsuitable foodstuffs, is a bad idea. Some of the things we eat are unsuitable for a hamster (see the Foods Unsuitable For Hamsters page, for example). Prime examples of this are sweets and chocolates. Let’s face it, these things are not very good for us either, but for a hamster they are completely toxic.

The hamster won’t know what’s good for him, and will happily grab whatever you offer him. In the wild they eat whatever they can find, and in the wild this policy works well. At home, you need to prevent access to the bad stuff. Much better, then, to stick to hamster-safe fruits and vegetables, and treats made specifically for them.

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