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How To Check My Hamster's Gender

Checking a hamster’s gender is easy, once you know what you're looking for. The animal will need to have reached sexually maturity - which they do at about seven or eight weeks. The steps given below will allow you to identify whether your pet is a boy or a girl.

  • Prepare a space to check your hamster

    To sex a hamster you need to turn him or her over - and hamsters don't like being turned over! They may wriggle from your hands as you attempt to invert them. So, try sitting on the floor as you examine your hamster, keeping your pet just a couple of inches above the floor, just in case the indignity is a bit too much and he or she makes a jump for freedom.

    keep your pet close
    Hamsters can wriggle from your grasp, as they don't like being turned upside down - although this baby Roborovski is too sleepy to notice!

  • Examine your hamster’s rear end

    Most male hamsters have prominent testicles, making their rear end look more pointed and tapered, compared to a female's rounded rear.

  • Look at your hamster’s stomach

    If your hamster has obvious nipples on its stomach, it’s a female. There will be six pairs of nipples, giving twelve in total.

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