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Where Do I Put My Hamster When I Clean The Cage?

A temporary space is handy when you’re cleaning out the enclosure. This is one of the many selling points of the Qute Hamster Cage enclosure, which has a built-in isolation unit! Simply put the hamster in the top compartment and push up the tube so that it can’t scurry back down into the main enclosure. You can then clean the bottom section without worrying about your furry friend.

lift n twist
The Qute Hamster Cage Lift 'n' Twist Tube makes cleaning out a cinch, whether you keep hamsters or gerbils

Alternatively, you can buy or build a temporary enclosure for your pet. Bear in mind his legendary Houdini abilities, though – hamsters are excellent tunnellers, can squeeze through narrow spaces, and are able to chew their way through cardboard and plastic very quickly (which Houdini could not do, as far as we know)! A wooden box constructed of a non-toxic wood is a suitable solution. The box will need air holes, food, bedding and water, with no obvious escape routes, and will need checking regularly to make sure those little teeth haven’t nibbled too far into the wood. You can then use this box to house the hamster while you clean his main apartment.

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