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Do you need a male quail?

You do not need a male in order for your ladies to lay.

Unlike the cockerels, male quails do not crow. Males tend to get a lot of bad press for being aggressive - however most male quails are friendly. There are some advantages to having a male quail in your flock:

1. Males tend to be the most friendly - Male quails tend to be more relaxed around people and will often be more likely to come and say hello.

2. Males can help reduce bullying - Having a male around can make your quail more relaxed. The male can reduce the chances of bullying in your flock and ease the introduction of new birds.

3. You can hatch chicks - If you wish to hatch a quail from an egg it is necessary for eggs to be fertilised and then incubated. Hatching your own quail allows you to add new birds to your flock without having to buy them. Interestingly fertilised eggs are low in cholesterol and unfertilised eggs are very high in cholesterol.

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Jqay, 31 January 2022

Males DO crow. In the breeding season they produce a shrill, loud chirrup sound to call to females and warn off rival males. Males will fight between themselves if not kept busy with enough females.

Maia, 5 August 2019

Coturnix female quails DO lay eggs without a male. And there is no difference in egg production from what I know.

Kerrie, 20 February 2019

Quail don’t crow like roosters do but what is the noise they make called? Thank You

Nayanjtoti, 14 December 2018

I have 20 female quail .. there is no male quail among of them .... They are now 30 days old .... Sirr ... Will day lay eggs without a male quail ...

Rick, 23 April 2017

My quail are about 4 months old and are not laying eggs. The lady that I bought them from had beebn raising quale for a while and she said that they were 3 females and one male. 1. Will the females lay eggs without a male present. 2. How do you tell the males from the females. I would like to have eggs and also raise some quail from the time they are hatched. Thanks