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How many quail eggs do you need to make an Omlet?

Quails eggs are the smallest commercially available.

Quail eggs are not graded by size because they do not vary as much as chickens. Some breeds of commercial quail are capable of laying eggs about the size of a 50 pence piece however most quail lay an egg between a 2p size and a 50p size.

Chinese painted quail eggs are about the size of a 1p piece or smaller.

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Bill, 18 October 2019

how long can you keep the eggs from laying to incubator

Alma, 18 May 2019

This has been most helpful, my quail have a native habitat for their home with extra runs I use to rotate their gardens and give them a more varied diet. What food do you suggest.? Thanks again for your wonderful information. Regards Alma in Adelaide Australia

Glenys, 7 May 2019

Which breed of Quail lays the most eggs and has the longest laying season. I live in Perth Western Australia.

Ellis, 19 April 2014

Very helpful information, has informed us greatly about quail keeping, we've learnt some very interesting facts. Thank you!

Kitkat, 3 August 2013

thanks a million! really good advice and tips... now i just have to convince my mum! lol quails are adorable

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