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What Came First, the Chicken or the Worm?

At first glance they may not look similar but Omlet can now exclusively reveal that earthworms may well be the missing link clarifying once and for all how chickens emerged from eggs.

For anyone who thought it was asking a bit much to believe that an egg could somehow miraculously turn into a chicken, you were right to be suspicious. It turns out there was an extra step and it's been literally under our toes the whole time.

The evidence is clear, the similarities between chickens and worms are as follows:

  • Earthworms don’t have teeth.
  • Earthworms have a crop and a gizzard.
  • Earthworms lay eggs (not recommended for frying, poaching, boiling or scrambling).
  • Earthworms like worms (chickens like worms but the feeling is not mutual).
  • Earthworms eat your kitchen scraps.
  • Earthworm droppings are a great fertiliser.

So apart from the fact they don't have feathers, wings or legs they are pretty much identical to chickens and will make a brilliant addition to your garden (although it's probably best to keep them separate from your chickens just in case they don't get on).

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Cerry-Lee, 8 June 2021