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The Compost Worm

The following section relates specifically to the composting worm and will give you an insight into it's remarkable world.

Compost worms are part of the Annelida (segmented worm) family of invertebrates (animals without backbones). There are 3 classes of segmented worms, with compost worms belonging to Oligochaeta. There are around 6,000 known species in this class. Compost worms can't see or hear, have no arms, legs, lungs or even teeth, but all the species have played a huge part in recycling the earth's resources.
The wonderful, wiggly compost worm!

The wonderful, wiggly compost worm!

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Babette, 28 May 2020

How do I go in order a batch of worms compost worms or fishing worms and the material to put the worms into to store them out and also the feeding food to feed the worms with

Pat, 10 March 2020

please do let me know where I can purchase some composting worms. Thanking you.Sincerely. PAT MC SWEENEY

Cate, 16 June 2017

Really interesting and entertaining.