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How to Harvest your Compost

Harvesting your compost from the Hungry bin is really easy because the tapered shape of the Hungry bin naturally separates the worms from the compost as it moves downwards. Your harvested compost will be almost worm free, conserving your worm population. Secondly, the tray at the bottom can be released and removed without having to get your hands dirty, so much more convenient, than rummaging around trying to find worm castings in a normal composter.

The Hungry Bin makes compost harvesting easy!

The Hungry Bin makes compost harvesting easy!

1. Remove the drip tray.
2. Release the latches securing the tray to the lower body of the Hungry Bin.
3. Remove the tray, it should be full of worm castings.
4. Empty the castings in the tray out and if necessary rinse the tray with water before replacing.

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