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Verified Reviews for Autodoor Attachment Kit for Omlet Chicken Runs

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Happy birds! - Jesse,

This has automated a twice a day chore reliably; so awesome. After two years of chicken dust and weather, it works as well as it did day one. I recommend it to anyone looking to automate letting out the chickens and shutting the coop at night.

The reviewer has 8-10 pets

Best investment ever - Cyndi,

I bought my first door about a year ago. I love ,love ,love it!! No issues what so ever. The batteries I originally put in are still at 70%! So easy to install, I watched the website video they give a link to. You can change the setting super easy. I prefer the time mode to compensate for cloudy/rainy days. I'm getting ready to purchase a second door for my boys in their bachelor pad. We'll worth the money if you have it.

The reviewer has 10+ Bantams pets

Great doors and amazing customer service!! - Marsha--Rougemont, North Carolina,

I have been using these doors on all 5 of my chicken coops for over a year now. It really takes the worry out of my head when we come home late at night, and it allows me to sleep in on the weekends, without keeping my chickens hostage. I have had to cal l customer service twice in the last 14 months and both times, there was very little wait time and the rep solved my problem. I am also reassured that they have a 2 year warranty, in case a problem isn't fixable. The battery life is great--I just started having to replace mine recently and it's only 4 AA batteries, so pretty inexpensive. I like this better than electric ones, because power goes out sometimes. One note to users--For some reason, when the batteries are very low, instead of a "replace batteries" message, you get a "door fault" or "door blocked" message, but if you look under the message, you will see the 0% battery percentage. That has tripped me up a few times, but now I know to check that percentage before trying other troubleshooting.

Life changer ???? - Russell,

Read many reviews and like many, we had early mornings and later nights tied up with opening and closing the coop- no chance of a lie in! However, that’s all changed now, chicks are out and feeding when I arrive and safely shut in at night- great product, super pleased with the results.

The reviewer has 4-6 Various pets

Good product / excellent backup response - Tim,

We bought our first AutoDoor in November of last year as we had just adopted** Thor, a Frizzy cockerel and, initially needed to keep him separate from the three girls. I looked at the different sorts of door available and the only type that would fit was a side opening system... there is only one.... Omlet AutoDoor!! Door bought and fitted and has been working happily... the old coop is an isolation unit as Athena, one of the three girls, is a pecker! Sometimes it is necessary to keep someone away from her... currently Venus [our rescue chicken that was almost bald on arrival] We bought a second door last week to replace an existing door that had suddenly failed. When installed, I couldn't get it to recallibrate and the door just kept opening and closing [it worked perfectly on instalation, then I noticed that the Duracell batteries weren't good [despite having just been bought last November for the other door as a set of eight.... hmmmm?] so I changed them and that's when the door lost its senses. Went to "Chat" to discover that there wouldn't be anyone in until this Monday... OK, it was working on Manual in a certain fashion... could live with that. Checked my emails before going to bed and a customer services response was there... nice... I replied and on Sunday morning... please note... on a Sunday... there was a response with all the various steps I probably needed to take... followed them and the door recallibrated immediately and has been operating fine ever since! So, by the time I would have recontacted the "Chat" line.... the door was up and running!! Now that is what I call service. Thanks folks... happy chickens, happy me!! ** Thor crows... Thor crows a lot... Thor's crow is very high pitched..... the previous owner lived in a town.... Thor's crow can shatter windows! And probably tempers.... however, we are 500 metres from the nearest habitation [and two of them have cockerels, anyway.]

The reviewer has 2-4 Rescue chickens and pets

Why did I wait so long? - Krista,

I wish I had bought this automatic door sooner! It was the best decision! We have a wooden coop and the way it connects to the run we had to install this door on the inside rather than the outside so we had to add a few boards to connect it properly. But it works perfect! I have it set to open based on the time. It was easy to program. I thought my chickens might be hesitant to go thru it since they don't like new things but they didn't hesitate at all. Best purchase ever!

The reviewer has 8-10 Multiple pets

The chickens and we LOVE it! - Margaret,

Have looked at doors for awhile, and chose this one--best features and price. It is an EXCELLENT addition to letting the hens keep a schedule, when ours is not consistent!! Has worked perfectly for three months so far. Glad I watched the installation video before even attempting to install--instruction book is good once you get it figured out! Programming was a bit confusing. I made an extra copy of the programming instructions, encased it in plastic, and keep it in the feed shed! We were replacing the coop, and ordered the door early, yet had no delays in receiving it (March of 2022). Have recommended to others, would buy again.

The reviewer has 6-8 Variety of hens pets

Good Door But Difficult to Clean Track - Frank, Tennessee,

After the purchase of two Omlet Automatic Doors, I've found them to be a good investment. The timed settings option is great to allow owner to set entry and exit times for a coop and run. However, once the mechanism is plugged with something (straw, dirt, etc.), the door is most difficult to clean and clear. I strongly suggest an update where the door can completely be removed to allow better access to the track for cleaning.

The reviewer has 6-8 multiple pets

Easiest Install & Directions - Tara, Florida,

I have been wanting to purchase an automatic door for very long time. I finally decided based off reviews. I've only just installed today, but this is was the easiest install and clear and easy-to-follow directions. I completed it by myself in less than 45 min, and that included spray painting the wood frame for mounting (in Florida we have to put a coat of paint on any wood or it will rot and fall apart). Super easy set up!

The reviewer has 10+ pets

Great, easy to install. - Sorrelle,

Finally got this installed today!! Was very excited to see it working. Set it on light mode and close and open the door at 15% light. Modes easy to use. First night closed nicely and chimkins didn't freak out, which is a bonus!!

The reviewer has 10+ Bantam Roo and hybri pets

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