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Verified Reviews for Autodoor Attachment Kit for Omlet Chicken Runs

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Good Door But Difficult to Clean Track - Frank, Tennessee,

After the purchase of two Omlet Automatic Doors, I've found them to be a good investment. The timed settings option is great to allow owner to set entry and exit times for a coop and run. However, once the mechanism is plugged with something (straw, dirt, etc.), the door is most difficult to clean and clear. I strongly suggest an update where the door can completely be removed to allow better access to the track for cleaning.

The reviewer has 6-8 multiple pets

Easiest Install & Directions - Tara, Florida,

I have been wanting to purchase an automatic door for very long time. I finally decided based off reviews. I've only just installed today, but this is was the easiest install and clear and easy-to-follow directions. I completed it by myself in less than 45 min, and that included spray painting the wood frame for mounting (in Florida we have to put a coat of paint on any wood or it will rot and fall apart). Super easy set up!

The reviewer has 10+ pets

Great, easy to install. - Sorrelle,

Finally got this installed today!! Was very excited to see it working. Set it on light mode and close and open the door at 15% light. Modes easy to use. First night closed nicely and chimkins didn't freak out, which is a bonus!!

The reviewer has 10+ Bantam Roo and hybri pets

The best! - Ashley, New York,

Had this door for about a couple of weeks now and it is the best! Runs smooth, was super easy to install, and love how it has a sensor on it to detect if a chicken is in the way! Also the best customer service.

The reviewer has 4-6 Chickens pets

Fantastic - Simon,

Bought this about 2 years ago and it has given me lots of pleasure and no grief. Easy to fit and works perfectly. I use the timer setting so my chickens don’t wake the neighbours early on a summer morning and so I know that they’re safely locked up, away from foxes at night. I suspected the batteries would need replacing more than twice a year BUT 2 years in I’m still on my first 4xAA Duracell batteries and there’s 80% left!

The reviewer has 4-6 Hybrids pets

Great product, door timings? - David,

Had been looking forward to having this and it has fully met anticipations. Improvement?, in light mode if the controller could show timing since last open and close event, that would aid initial and seasonal adjustments.

The reviewer has 4-6 Rescue battery pets

Makes live easier - Andy,

I added 2 doors to 2 coups and set them to dusk/dawn. The chickens put themselves to bed!!!! Fantasict. Easy for me and safer for them. The ducks don't like to go in at dawn so I'm setting that one to 10pm. LOVE LOVE this purchase.

The reviewer has 10+ chickens and ducks pets

Shipping was slow but seems worth the wait - Jeff,

My only complaint is they didn’t warn me on the expected wait. It took over a month to get. But the door works well and is easy to operate. I can let it open and close with ambient light, which you can calibrate the setting to, on a set custom time schedule or operate manually. Really no complaints. I have had it for two months now and it is working flawlessly. I am considering getting a second one for a separate coop area.

The reviewer has 10+ Lavender Orphingtons pets

Simply amazing! - Joe,

I had searched high and low for days on "that huge online shopping place named after a South American rainforest", and kept coming up dissatisfied. Most of the products offered were cheap aluminum doors and frames and had mediocre reviews at best. One of the reviews suggested that people interested in buying an automatic door should save themselves time and just buy one from Omlet. I'd never heard of your company before, and I was amazed to see what your site had to offer. I ordered the Autodoor and it arrived just a couple of days afterwards, well-packaged and intact. Installation over my existing wooden coop was a breeze, and the Autodoor functions eggs-actly like it should! I had a couple of questions about the functionality, and your customer service department was prompt and knowledgeable. Keep up the great work!

The reviewer has 4-6 Orpington and Austra pets

Good - Zoe,

Pleased with it overall, but battery indicator says 0% when they are brand new batteries. It is quite a simple control system so if there is a next generation it would be great to have the ability to have a mix of time and manual settings as an option, and the ability to set and control it through a phone app and perhaps even a webcam option so I can see what's happened.

Omlet Says: Hi Zoe, Thank you for these suggestions. These aspects can indeed be considered for future developments, which is why I passed them to our Product Design team. Normally, the battery indicator should start from 100% with new batteries. Don't hesitate to let us know if this issue persists after the change of battery so that we can investigate further and take action if necessary. Yours, Clémence, Omlet Customer Services

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