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Verified Reviews for Autodoor Attachment Kit for Omlet Chicken Runs

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Shipping was slow but seems worth the wait - Jeff,

My only complaint is they didn’t warn me on the expected wait. It took over a month to get. But the door works well and is easy to operate. I can let it open and close with ambient light, which you can calibrate the setting to, on a set custom time schedule or operate manually. Really no complaints. I have had it for two months now and it is working flawlessly. I am considering getting a second one for a separate coop area.

The reviewer has 10+ Lavender Orphingtons pets

Simply amazing! - Joe,

I had searched high and low for days on "that huge online shopping place named after a South American rainforest", and kept coming up dissatisfied. Most of the products offered were cheap aluminum doors and frames and had mediocre reviews at best. One of the reviews suggested that people interested in buying an automatic door should save themselves time and just buy one from Omlet. I'd never heard of your company before, and I was amazed to see what your site had to offer. I ordered the Autodoor and it arrived just a couple of days afterwards, well-packaged and intact. Installation over my existing wooden coop was a breeze, and the Autodoor functions eggs-actly like it should! I had a couple of questions about the functionality, and your customer service department was prompt and knowledgeable. Keep up the great work!

The reviewer has 4-6 Orpington and Austra pets

Good - Zoe,

Pleased with it overall, but battery indicator says 0% when they are brand new batteries. It is quite a simple control system so if there is a next generation it would be great to have the ability to have a mix of time and manual settings as an option, and the ability to set and control it through a phone app and perhaps even a webcam option so I can see what's happened.

Omlet Says: Hi Zoe, Thank you for these suggestions. These aspects can indeed be considered for future developments, which is why I passed them to our Product Design team. Normally, the battery indicator should start from 100% with new batteries. Don't hesitate to let us know if this issue persists after the change of battery so that we can investigate further and take action if necessary. Yours, Clémence, Omlet Customer Services

Awesome - Vincent,

I live in MN and as quite skeptical, but this door works great! Even when it got down below -20f it worked every time and the batteries still show 50% and i installed it in October and now its March. The only times it didn't work was when a chicken pooped right in the path of the door and it froze causing an obstruction , also i had a duck that just sat in the opening. Even after the door tried its 3 or 4 times to close and then stays open as a safety.The duck was not harmed. Both times not the doors fault. Im very pleased with it. I would recommend for anyone with a busy schedule. Now we dont have to look for people to let them out or close them up if we're not at home.

The reviewer has 10+ Poultry pets

Game changer - Amy, Wisconsin,

I ordered this after finding out my infant was ill and we’d be spending a lot of time out of town. Knowing the chickens were secure at night but free range during the day was a huge weight off my shoulders. We were able to have neighbors check on them but not worry about time restraints. Now we have had it operating over a winter and the batteries made it through to spring. I had to clear ice a few times; I don’t think there is really any way around that.

The reviewer has 10+ pets

Happy Customer & Birds - Paul,

Well made and the skirting around the bottom has been impenetrable against opossums & raccoons.

The reviewer has 8-10 Rhoade Island Reds pets

excellent design and working order - Piper,

so many different kits to install in different style coops

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