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Verified Reviews for Autodoor Attachment Kit for Omlet Chicken Runs

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Awesome - Vincent,

I live in MN and as quite skeptical, but this door works great! Even when it got down below -20f it worked every time and the batteries still show 50% and i installed it in October and now its March. The only times it didn't work was when a chicken pooped right in the path of the door and it froze causing an obstruction , also i had a duck that just sat in the opening. Even after the door tried its 3 or 4 times to close and then stays open as a safety.The duck was not harmed. Both times not the doors fault. Im very pleased with it. I would recommend for anyone with a busy schedule. Now we dont have to look for people to let them out or close them up if we're not at home.

The reviewer has 10+ Poultry pets

Game changer - Amy, Wisconsin,

I ordered this after finding out my infant was ill and we’d be spending a lot of time out of town. Knowing the chickens were secure at night but free range during the day was a huge weight off my shoulders. We were able to have neighbors check on them but not worry about time restraints. Now we have had it operating over a winter and the batteries made it through to spring. I had to clear ice a few times; I don’t think there is really any way around that.

The reviewer has 10+ pets

Happy Customer & Birds - Paul,

Well made and the skirting around the bottom has been impenetrable against opossums & raccoons.

The reviewer has 8-10 Rhoade Island Reds pets

excellent design and working order - Piper,

so many different kits to install in different style coops

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