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Verified Reviews for Universal Automatic Chicken Coop Door

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Auto chicken door - Steve,

Great product really easy to fit works perfectly, gives you peace of mind that your girls are shut away and safe without leaving your house
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Grey

Automatic chicken door - Sue,

Totally brilliant. Very easy to install on my cube mark 1. Makes life so much easier as my chicks often stay up later than me and it has been wonderful to know that I can leave them to go to bed when they like and the automatic door will keep them safe.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green

Really good - Madeleine,

My husband fitted this one evening after work and it surprised him how quickly he got it done (a few hours) and it works like a dream. We've been able to go on holiday and the chickens have just been checked once a day by the neighbours to check the water and layers pellets and take the eggs and have been stunned how the chickens have all been in bed before it shuts! The battery immediately went down to 80% but has been on that for the last 4 weeks - so seems pretty efficient too. Excellent. Would seriously recommend.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green

A time saving device - Edwina,

We are really pleased with the automatic door. Chickens are too! It was a bit time consuming to fit, but worth it in the end. A great addition. We leave the internal hatch open and they appear to stay on the perch side at night and just lay eggs in the egg box side during the morning, so the eggs are clean. Excellent.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green

Just makes life that little bit easier - Sarah,

Very happy with my new automatic door. I used the manual setting first to get my girls used to the noise but I now use the timer so I don't have to set my alarm and rush down to let them out in the morning. Happy me and happy hens, thank you omlet for another great product.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green

Autodoor is brilliant! - Alexander,

We LOVE the autodoor. It does exactly as described. We use the timer option for opening/closing. The fitting kit for the mk1 cube I have did not include the correct bracket to fit the control panel to my coop. I had to cable tie it on. I asked Omlet about it and was informed I should purchase it separately! I felt as if it should have been included as a complete kit. You get far too many bolts, cable ties and fittings for it. It seems very wasteful to send a pack out that includes all the fixtures for the coop, run and wooden variants. Separate them and save the wastage! 8/10. Would have been 10/10 if they included the bracket required with the fitting kit.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green

Eglu auto door - David,

Waited for so long to get this, unfortunately the supply to the wholesalers in New Zealand wasn’t very good, so in the end I purchased direct from the UK. So pleased with this purchase, easy to install into our Eglu Cube mk2, and I have my weekend lay ins back without having to get up at dawn to let our chickens out. After 2 months it has only used 10% of the capacity in the rechargeable batteries I installed in it. Pricy but well work it!
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green

Great purchase! - Lucy,

Easy to install, set up and use! A little bit extravagant but worth every penny for some extra time in bed in the morning.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Grey

Automatic door - Irene,

Absolutely the Best Buy for your coop, really easy to install and set up, no getting up at silly o’clock to let the hens out and great to know they are securely closed in at night. Totally recommend.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Grey

Happy with the purchase - An Omleteer,

Very happy that we bought this automatic door - it makes looking after the chickens much easier. An expensive outlay but well worth it.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green

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