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Verified Reviews for Universal Automatic Chicken Coop Door

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Excellent Product - Richard,

Delighted with this product. Easier to fit than we imagined with no alterations to coop or existing door. Doors operates smoothly and quietly and so far appears reliable. Reassuring to know chickens are secure at night but released at dawn - much appreciated now when it gets light so early. Light settings as supplied seem just right with no adjustment needed.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green

great door for my Chickens - Steve,

I have to say that the Auto door is great, it was easy to set up, I made a simple wooden surround and fixed it to my chicken run wire, so my chickens could just come & go as they pleased. Also it meant we did not have to get up at the crack of Dawn in the summer to let them out, they were happy using it within 2 days.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green

A * Automatic door is great - Tim,

Great to have this - really useful addition as means don't have to get up to let the chickens out or lock up at night Slightly complicated programming
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green

auto door - An Omleteer,

This door is the best thing ever! No more waking up early or worried I was not going to make it home before dark to put the ladies to bed. I absolutely love the omlet cube and the auto omlet door. Took me about 2 hrs to install/program and it works like a charm. Worth every penny! The girls are spoiled and happy and spoiling me with eggs daily.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green

Absolutely wonderful! - Ruth,

I've had my door in operation for a couple of months now and decided not to review it too soon. It was easy to install (I recommend a battery screwdriver) and has worked efficiently ever since. I had another make of autodoor prior to this one and although it seemed very good at first, I had endless problems with it. Omlet have made a very good, well thought out product. It arrives beautifully packaged with everything you need.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green

Excellent idea - Marie, Derby,

The door is great and means that I don’t have to worry about closing the door at night or letting the ladies out in the morning however I was very disappointed that the fixing bracket has to be purchased separately, I feel that the unit is an expensive purchase and that all fixings should be included with the purchase of the auto door
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green

Great Door - Georgina, West Sussex,

Love this auto door. Very easy to install. I put it on the mk1 cube to start with then moved it to the run. Has made my life much easier! I would highly recommend this automatic door.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green

It works! - Susannah,

I've got a wooden chicken coop and wanted to add an automatic door opener to it. Fitting didn't take a long as I thought and I'm really happy with it. I had to remove the old wooden door off the front of the coop first and then screwed omlet door on. The chickens have got used to it and it works really well. Only issue was the slight delay on the delivery but it arrived before Christmas which was good. Thank you.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Green

Revolutionised Chicken Keeping! - An Omleteer,

Ok, the road to receiving this product was far from smooth (surprised Elodie didn’t self-combust because of all the problematic issues along the way!) but, oh my goodness, it was worth the extremely long wait! We’re far from lazy, but the advantages gained through not having to be around to let the chickens out or lock them away safely cannot be underestimated: how did we survive without this? Absolutely wonderful!
Review for: Autodoor Attachment Kit for Eglu Cube Mk1

Brilliant Product that makes life a lot easier - John, Gwynedd,

First of all I should say how impressed I am with the auto door. It's just awesome! I'm not a natural when it comes to engineering and assembly but it only took me an hour to install the auto door on my own. Well, to be honest, with a little assistance from the chickens who all decided to see what I was up to. Maybe using the treats bowl to hold the screws and bits wasn't the cleverest idea I've had! The control system is easy to set up but I'd suggest owners check the mechanism has functioned as expected the first time. On the first evening one of our hens was locked out and looking very sorry for herself. I changed the light level at which the closing system activates from 5% to 3%, which is perfect for our situation. These settings will vary depending on where the sensor is situated, shade etc. Battery power usage is very low, I expect we'll get at least a year from a set of Duracell rechargeables based on my measurements. The door opener makes life a lot easier. No more getting up super early to let the girls out in summer (I am not a morning person) for a start. If we're out and don't get back for bedtime, it's not a panic. The girls will be safe and sound behind the door. Talking of safe and sound, a friend of ours had an automatic door on his coop that opened vertically. All went well until the local fox managed to open the door by lifting it. The Omlet sideways opening door is totally secure from Mr Fox, just like the manual door. As with the rest of the Omlet range, it's a well thought out product that just does the job properly without any fuss.
Review for: Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Grey

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