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Customer Images - The Omlet Chicken Perch - 59 to 87 of 147

Enjoying the sunshine!
Henrietta parading on her new perch!
All five chickens up in the air!
My three pekin bantams on their perch. they love it !
The chickens love their perch. i often see them on it during the day, but if i try to take a photo they jump off for food!
A large walk in run enclosure for chickens with a perch inside.
So much to see up here on our new perch!
Cloud and Claire enjoying a summer’s eve
Pekins love perching!
Two perch at varying heights.
Our ladies love their perch!
Happy chickens roaming a garden.
Perching hens
Hour after installing the chicks are on it
Chickens on Omlet universal chicken perch in Omlet walk in chicken run
Chicken perching in their chicken run.
A happy lady
Two chickens in a chicken house with a chicken perch added
Omlet universal chicken perch in Omlet walk in chicken run
Omlet green Eglu Cube large chicken coop and run
2m perch
Poultry palace!
Friends together
Pleased with her new hentertainment
For chickens in a Cube chicken coop with a run attached and feeders attached
Pearl on her new perch bar (with beryl & ruby photo bombing!)
Biscuit & coco love chilling out on their perfect perch!
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