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Customer Images - The Omlet Chicken Perch - 30 to 58 of 145

A perch in a chicken run
A perch attached to a chicken run
A chicken on the perch of a run
Six chickens lining up on their perch, inside a chicken run
Three chickens on their perch
A little chicken Discovering the perch of her enclosure
Enjoying their new perch
Some chickens on a wooden perch
Chicken kabobs
A chicken perching on a chicken perch
Two chickens sitting on Omlet universal perch
A chicken perching inside an Omlet chicken run.
Mabel and pearl
Going up!
Purple Omlet Eglu Cube large chicken coop inside of Omlet walk in chicken run
Hope they shuffle up a bit then i can get on too!
Our chickens love the perch in their walk in run.
Customisable perches.
2 meter perch, loads of space for the hennies.
Room for everyone!
Our happy chickens on their 2m perch.
Surveying her domain
Pekins love their perch.
Chicken standing on Omlet universal chicken perch inside of Omlet walk in chicken run
Ruling the roost
Perfect height for us !
Cute and comfy on the perch!!
Enjoying the sunshine!
Henrietta parading on her new perch!
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