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Customer Images - The Omlet Chicken Perch - 117 to 145 of 147

Black and brown chickens inside a walk in run with a wooden perch inside
A large chicken run with a wooden perch in it and two brown chickens perched on top
A cat looking in to a chicken run with two chickens perched on a wooden perch
Sitting pretty
Perch for chickens
Hey millie, what are you doing down there?
Hyacinth surveying her kingdom
My new hen house with an extension, my hens have immediately adopted it
Sybil loves her perch
Omlet chicken perch - easy to install
Installation of the perch in 5 minutes
The girls iove their new perch.
The perch was an instant hit with the bantams
Perfect way to get a bit of sunshine !!
Wow i love this perch !
Some of our hens enjoying their new Omlet perch
Perch 1m Omlet
Dan on the perch
Perch Omlet 1 m
Doubles up as a perfect hanging station for veggies!
Olive loves her perch!
First couple of days getting my rescue chickens and they are already using the perch!
Edina chicken and patsy chicken hang out on their perch!
Chicken perch
Perch for my piGeons and my rooster
Perch Omlet
Perch 2 m
Our perch under the Snow
Perch Omlet
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