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Verified Reviews for Combi Cover for Eglu Cube 6ft

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Good product
I have only given this four stars as I think it needs another eyelet for a bungee strap in the middle. I have had to put a large stap from one side over the top to the other as the middle flaps in the Cornish wind. Other than that it is a super quality product as I have plenty of weather here on the North Cornwall Coast and it does the job well.
Review for: Combi Cover for Eglu Cube 6ft
Finally a cover that fits!
The first great thing about this cover is that it actually fits the whole length of the 2m run, which none of the other covers did before. This means that I no longer have to mess about piecing together numerous covers to get all-over coverage. The second thing is obviously the built-in shaded side, so again no more mixing and matching covers. What is handy is that there is an extra bungee hole at each end in the middle (where the clear and green sections meet) - for normal use these are not needed, but if you secure these with bungees, it then enables you to fold back the clear section on really hot days for extra ventilation, without the whole cover sliding off. A nice-to-have would be extra bungee holes midway along each side to prevent the sides flapping in the breeze. But I can live with that as it's such a great cover and solves so many problems!
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Just a thought I think it should have an hole in the middle of each side,to tie down, as it tends to blow a bit in the wind, tied it as tight as I could, but this is very small point. Cover super.
Review for: Combi Cover for Eglu Cube 6ft
Combi cover for cube
Good sturdy cover and looks the business - would have given it 5 stars bar for the fact that really it could do with extra bungee holes in the middle to anchor it down to stop it flapping. (especially for the clear part of the cover) Overall, pleased with it.
Review for: Combi Cover for Eglu Cube 6ft
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