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Happy Hens
Pool rod ingenious ...
We like how the coop fits inside for more protection from mr fox
New enclosure with extension
The Coop - Mahal!
Our stable
Just waiting for my girls now! 3x4 run,cover,Cube,swing and perch! hope they love it as much as me!
Happy chickens in the beautiful Omlet run and Cube!
Our 7x2x2 walk in run 😁
run setup with cube in back yard
All Good
Happy chickens
Our set up
Had to double up the support poles to Mae the new run rigid enough with the new split-panel design they did on the mesh panels.
Keeping welsh hens safe and secure
Was skeptical on ordering this since it was pretty pricey but looked great from other reviews. Once I had it up and installed, couldn’t be happier. Great quality, bought the top cover for my run and very happy attached to my coop. 😎
New run setup
Palace of these ladies
Even at night i'm my cocottes installation 😀
Magnificent they are delighted my cocottes and me too...
I love my Omlet setup
Happy hens
On top with your products Omlet 😉
My chickens 100% happy
The Fluffy Rump Roost
9x12 Walk in Run with Cube!
9x12 and Cube
Perpendicularly connected enclosures
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