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Inside the enclosure
Perfect to assemble, the spout in large
Perfect to assemble, the spout in large
Revamped the run with poles and attached the Cube on outside . now have room for more chickens
Chickens Gone wild :)
The flock love their walk in run and wooden perch
Happy hens!!
Replacement Eglu, 3m run extension and entertainment centre, happy hens!!
Eglu Cube with walk in run extension
Large enclosure 2x2x4 with opaque tarpaulins 3 m and transparent tarpaulins 2 m, perch 2 m
Our dwarf silkie chickens feel well
Omlet 3m by 3m walk in run is such a great safe space for your chickens
Walk in run enclosure
Chicken house
3x2 walk in run with Go up inside
3 x 5 x 2 walk in run with Eglu Cube
We are delighted with our 4 x 2 meter pen. our chicks adopted it immediately. the space is perfect for 3 hens. we have received the net that we will soon install to allow them to run on the grass.
Can you find the chicken in the walk in run?
Latest additions to the animal family!
Eglu Cube am walk in run
Recently extended to include an additional coop
Life as a coop
Love the stable door. will open top one up in the day when bird flu Gone
A green chicken coop in a large walk-in run
A walk-in run in a garden, with a wooden coop inside
A walk-in run with an automatic coop door attached to it
A large walk in run attached to a chicken coop
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