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Latest Product Reviews For Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch with 6ft Run Package - Purple

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Brilliant - Charlotte,

I got a return one which was a little cheaper. I LOVE it. The pigs LOVE it. To those who think there's not enough room, there is! I keep the door open 24/7 and often they pop in and out. It's so easy to lift (just like the video) and move to a fresh part of the garden. It did take me 3 hours to put it together but that's because I'm useless!! I love the purple too! The plastic is the best as I just hose it down. A 5-10 min. job at most.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2018

Fab hutch - Helen,

This is a brilliant hutch. Humans and guinea pigs love it. Bit of a struggle to build if doing it on your own as I did, but doable. I'd recommend getting someone to help if you can, and if not, persevere - it will get there.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2016

Great Quality item, worth considering - Linsey,

Bought this for two guinea pigs Positives - well constructed, solid, feel safe leaving them out all day when I go to work. Bought the additional heavy duty cover so that it protects the run from rain and it is also very well constructed. The pull out shelf for cleaning is the best part Cons: in the depth of winter you might not want to let your GPs out in the run but as there's no window/mesh like conventional hutches the GPs will be in the dark all day. The run doesn't detach so if anything requires removing from the run you have to climb in through the small door at the end. Ok if you're a child. The fact that it's on the floor means if you do want to get your GPs out its a bit more tricky than one a waist level. Queue a few chases round the garden as the GP escapes. Oh and the final point is that you really shouldn't put guinea pigs on metal bottoms and the 1metre GP metal run bottom doesn't detach so you really need the 2metre run option if you don't want to run the risk of bumble foot! More expense. Overall I'd still recommend this as the quality and positives outweigh the downsides. Pricey but built to last! I imagine it would outlive multiple wooden versions and it keeps its value for resale should you decide to sell. The accessories are worth buying including hay etc as omlet are actually cheaper than most other internet companies for the feeds etc.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2020