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Eglu Run Handles

by Omlet

Moving your Eglu is now even easier with these specially designed Eglu Run Handles. The handles fit neatly onto the run of your chicken coop or hutch to allow you to maneuver your pet's home precisely and with both hands.

Simply screw the handles into place on your Eglu run using the fixings pack provided.

The Eglu Run Handles are especially effective when used in conjunction with the compatible wheel set for your Eglu.

The Eglu Run Handles can be fitted to the run of the Eglu Cube, Eglu Go and Eglu Classic chicken coops. They are also compatible with the Eglu Go Hutch and Hutch Runs.

Product dimensions: 57.8cm x 20.7cm x 14.5cm

(32 reviews)

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Packed Product Details

Weight: 2.441 kg

Height: 18 cm

Width: 24 cm

Length: 61 cm

Product SKU: 23580

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Latest Product Reviews For Eglu Run Handles

Somewhat misleading pictures! - Tom,

We have had a Go-Up for several years now and used to allow the chickens to free- range in our garden with no issues at all. Then after our small flock was killed by a predator, we bought a walk- in run. Neither was as easy to build as the website suggests but since construction we have been very happy with the products. Avian Flu has changed the picture entirely; we now have to keep the birds penned up in the run, and boy, do they make a mess! When they were able to free-range we hardly noticed their droppings and as long as we kept them out of the cultivated parts of the garden we were all happy. Now, despite using hardwood chips to keep the run reasonably comfortable underfoot and changing them regularly, it still becomes messy from time to time. It is somewhat ironic therefore to see the pictures on the website showing pristine grass on the floor of the runs! The hens seem happy though!

The reviewer has 2-4 Mixed pets

They do the job - Chris,

They do the job

The reviewer has 6-8 Serama pets

5* customer service - An Omleteer, Hertfordshire,

Purchased two weeks ago, delivered before estimated date, amazing. Customer service 5* I made a mistake on my order and rang customer service, I decided it was MY fault so not worth trying to change, THEY called me back to find out why I rang and then promptly changed my order to correct one and refunded. Amazing, Thank you. Product just as described, 20 minutes to build, came perfectly packaged, Well done Omlet, keep up the great work.

The reviewer has 4-6 Mix pets

Saving my back - Hannah, Massachusetts,

I ordered the run set and decided to wait and see wether the run handles were really needed. While it is possible to move the run without handles it is so much easier with them and definitely easier on my back! They take seconds to install.

The reviewer has 1 Holland Lop pets

Good Handles, but a little too narrow. - Micha, Colorado,

We didn't purchase the handles at first, but honestly it was a little cumbersome to move without them, even with just the coop plus 3' run. We then added another 3' extension to the run and it became near impossible to move without handles. So now we have the handles and they are working great. My only feedback is that the angle in of the handles makes the entry into the run really narrow. I realize this probably makes them easier to use, but I when I move the coop weekly it seems that entry into the run is more important since we use that daily. I also think the handles should be included in the product if you order the cube with wheels.

The reviewer has 2-4 pets

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