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Latest Product Reviews For Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop with 6ft Run and Wheels Package - Purple

Unique! Versatile! - Karen, Kansas,

The enclosed run provides great peace of mind for the safety of my chicks. I've also used the run for other young animals as they are introduced to the farm while the chicks are roosting inside the coop. I love that the whole thing is light enough for me to move around myself. The handles are on back-order right now, but will make moving it even easier when they arrive. I'm very happy with my Eglu Coop!

Verified Purchase: May 2021 The reviewer has 4-6 pets

Great Coop! - Mary, Indiana,

I love this coop. I wanted something that could grow with my flock. We started inside with the coop and 6 ft run over a tarp and wood chips. We had chicks aging out of the brooder box so we set heat up next to the run. They were able to eat and drink easily. They have been using the coop at night after about 4 weeks of age. They have plenty of space to explore. We will move them outside to our field once the weather is a little warmer. The kids are able to help clean the coop easily. I am installing a automatic door, light, and larger run as we get ready to go outdoors. I love that I didn’t have to buy multiple products to grow and move my chicks! Wonderful product.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021 The reviewer has 6-8 Ayam Cemani, Saphire pets

Love It! - Brooke, Florida,

We live in FL and recently moved and had to leave our old coop behind. Getting the Eglu Cube set up on move-in day was our number one priority! It took 3-4 hours and was mostly done by one person. We got the 6ft run because our chickens are free ranging all day in the yard. If they had to stay in the coop all day, I would have gone with a 9 or 13 ft run, as we have 6 chickens and the 6 ft run seems like a small area for that many. They adjusted very well to the new coop - they all snuggle up in the top area at night except for one bird who sleeps in the nesting box - I wish I could keep her out of there because she leaves a lot of poop and my girls like the nesting area to be clean. I love that this is so easy to spray down and clean, a child can do it. I also love that everything is accessible and the sliding door to block off the nesting box is great. I think the cost is worth it for the ingenuity of the design. Moving this is difficult, even with the wheels, so I recommend setting it up exactly where you want it to be. I can't imagine moving this around my yard every few months - we plan to keep it in one place. We may add another rain shield when the rainy season starts in FL and another food container for their scratch.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

So Great I Bought 2! - Stephanie, Washington,

I was lucky enough to stumble across someone selling their Eglu and 4 hens on Craigslist back in July. I loved the coop immediately! It's so easy to keep clean and clear of pests. The back door and egg door design are great for protection. I never worry about anything getting to the flock while they're asleep. While cedar coops are really nostalgic looking, these coops are durable and won't require replacement any time soon. I was so impressed that when we moved to our new home, I purchased a second (purple) coop for the 5 additional hens that I added to the flock. Now, they reside in the Chick Inn (ha, ha, ha...) converted greenhouse and free range in a fenced 1/4 acre. Because I have 2 coops, the girls can randomly select which coop they want to sleep in every night. Sometimes I have 7 hens in one coop- and they're all quite cozy! For those of you wondering how many hens can fit in one, I can only say that they seem to like piling in at night. Though some of my hens are pullets still (born in June), they're all sizable girls. I've got 2 Wellsumer pullets, 1 Australorp pullet, 1 Speckled Sussex, 1 Blue Copper Maran, 1 Easter Egger, 1 Russian Orlaf and 2 black Ameraucana pullets. Watching 7 of them climb in together is quite entertaining. Recently I purchased 3 roosting bars for the run and an Extreme Temperature Jacket for one of the coops. That way the hens can choose which coop they like best (one that's slightly cozier or one without a jacket). Did I mention that both coops have the auto door installed? L-O-V-E that feature! As a person who works earlier than the sun rises, I don't want my girls exposed to chilly air this winter before they need to be. I set them to open on their own with the rising sun and don't worry my ladies at all! I have to say, that I have considered getting a 3rd coop so that I can keep adding to my flock. My husband may wonder at my sanity, but really... Can anyone have too many hens??

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Stylish and functional - Brianna,

I am so pleased with my Eglu Cube chicken coop. It is stylish and functional. I live in the city and the look of the coop fits well in my backyard. I have 5 large chickens and they have plenty of room inside to roost at night and in the run during the day to move around. The sun and rain protection from the cover is superb.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020