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Eglu Cube Chicken Coop with 6ft Run Package - Purple

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Awesome product! Very well made!!! Assembly was pretty easy. - Wendy,

Absolutely perfect for our 4 chickens...... we/they are comfy, cozy, and happy !!! We haven’t decided yet..... maybe purchase the large stand in cage attachment .... love this product! Amazing!!

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021 The reviewer has 10+ pets

Great cool! - Sean, Illinois,

We got this last fall and it went through a tough winter with no problems. Our chickens loved it and it is super easy to maintain. We live in northern Illinois, have have some bad weather and a few predators (fox, hawk, owl, raccoon). This coop has held up to them all. Well worth the money.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021 The reviewer has 4-6 pets

Awesome coop - Samantha, California,

This coop is great. It's cute, colorful, the hens love it, the kids love. Its easy to get the eggs, easy to lock them in at night, and easy to let them out in the morning. It's also easy to clean. They love this so much more than the last coop we had. The instructions however, are a nightmare. The parts aren't labeled. Some of the pictures in the instructions did not match up to the parts we had. There's too many instruction books for different sections and nothing makes a lot of sense. It took forever to get it together, and some of the parts aren't in the right places still, but I didn't want to take it apart and start over a fourth time. It also won't hold as many chickens as stated comfortably, but that may just be me thinking they need more space than they do. The hens are happy though. Its kept them warm and dry through the last few storms, except for when they're in the run and looking for uncovered space and puddles to jump in. Overall, it's a great coop and we're happy with the purchase.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2021

amazing coop - Estelle, California,

I wanted this coop and this one only because of the easy cleaning and the plastic that makes it so much better for hygiene, and I am so glad I chose it. I even ordered another one to get more chickens. its easy to put together and the walkin even more I did it by myself . it's the easiest way to have chickens without all the fastidious cleaning that goes with it ! and the pink color is wonderful under my bougainvillea

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Eglu Cube Mk2 - Mark,

Bought this Coop for our first go at rearing chickens, It's a fabulous coop, east to clean and maintain, have since purchased additional 1m extension and weather protection, rain covers and wind breakers to make the girls more cozy, they seem to have settled in very quickly and seem at ease within there enclosure, I'd highly recommend this product to others.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2019