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X064 with 9ft Run Package - Purple

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71yr old grandmother assembled it! - Marcy, California,

If you’re wondering how hard it is to assemble, I’m a 71year old grandmother, and I put it together by myself, in a day and a half. It’s very sturdy and attractive. The directions are easy to follow. My chicks are just a few weeks old so they haven’t used it yet but I know they’ll be happy and safe in it.

Verified Purchase: May 2020

Rolls Royce chicken coop - Miranda, Aberdeenshire,

Worth every penny. The attention to detail and precise engineering makes this a wonderful product. It keeps hens safe and warm/cool whilst allowing human intervention to be easy and trouble free. Collecting eggs, cleaning and securing the door are all very clever designs to make live easier . Highly recommended.

Verified Purchase: May 2020

Great chicken coop! - Lacey,

After considering making our own we decided based on the recommendation of a neighbor to go with this one! We have been super happy. All of our birds have been safe, no predators have gotten in:) I'm really glad we bought the extension. I think it would be pretty tight if you intended to leave 10 in all the time. Not as big of a deal if you want them to free range during the day. Fabulous as a stationary coop. Keep on level ground if you plan to move.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

A Purple Chicken Coop? Of course! - Catherine,

The Omlet Eglu Cube is easy to clean. The plastic isn't porous, so it comes clean. I did take a brush like you would use for pots and pans up to the pasture because the water pressure I get there isn't very high so that helps get all of the poop off more easily. What else? I have moved the coop by myself, but it is easier with help. I have the two meter run. I'm thinking I may buy the Omlet Chicken Fencing to allow extra area for them to forage. They would be able to run into the run if any overhead preditors threatened. I think I would feel better about adding more chickens if they had a bigger run during the day. All in all I'm very pleased. I think the coop will stand up well over time. The girls like it. They are well protected. So there you go. Order an Omlet Eglu Cube. Gather the eggs. End of story. You can read the rest of my review and see photos at:

Verified Purchase: Oct 2019

Beats a wooden coop hands down - Symone,

I brought the Eglu Cube and a 3 meter run as we were getting some ex battery hens. The coop was very easy to put together as well as being really well made. Instructions are very clear. The run was also easy to put together and with the clips warmed in hot water they went on and clipped together well. We also brought the pegs which helped the run be even more secure. The chickens arrived the next morning and settled in instantly. One was clearly very happy and went into the cube the next day and laid her first egg, within a week 3 of the 5 were back to laying. The double wall insulation also keeps the coop a bit darker so they are not noisy as soon as the sun comes up! I can’t wait for the automatic door to be released though. Really happy with the coop, it’s easy to clear and the hens love it

Verified Purchase: Oct 2019