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X064 with 9ft Run and Wheels Package - Leaf Green

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Latest Product Reviews For Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop with 9ft Run and Wheels Package - Leaf Green

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Amazing Coop - Theresa,

I love this coop. I will never have to purchase another one. That's the wonderful thing. If you add up what you would spend on a cheap, wooden coop, over the years, it's a waste of money. This one is so convenient. I love it so much, I just bought another one. I guess I've become the crazy cat and chicken lady!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2021 The reviewer has 4-6 Astralorp; Buf Orpin pets

Super coop - Christine, Cheshire,

I've wanted to keep chickens for ages and did a lot of research about pros and cons of different types of coop. I chose the Cube for its practical features - easy to clean, secure, low maintenance. It's good quality; well-packaged, so no damaged or missing parts, everything required was there and clearly labelled. The instructions are good (although I'd have liked a few more "words" to explain some key points). I assembled the coop and run single-handed, taking it steadily over a couple of day. Anyone who has put together a flat-pack wardrobe or played with Meccano can do this! I have five chooks and they seem very satisfied with their accommodation.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2021 The reviewer has 4-6 All hybrids - Silver pets

Chickens Love Their New Home - Debi,

I love the Omlet. I was overwhelmed initially when I received 8 boxes in the first delivery. I was concerned there might be missing pieces. Wow, was I wrong. Each box was not only carefully packed but the instruction book outlined what was expected in each box that was identified by its letter. The instructions even included a time for assembly. Their timeline didn’t quite work for us though. I’m in my late 60s so climbing into the sections took me a little longer than the young girl in the online instructions. ???? However, unlike many build yourself projects, each part went together as instructed. The only time we got into trouble was when my husband suggested jumping ahead doing what logically looked faster. That caused a little disassemble and redo. Just follow the instructions as laid out and you won’t have to back-track. Our hens are still just “teenagers” but they quickly learned the routine. I have the automatic door which is well worth the expense. I’m having a little trouble with getting the light to turn on before the door closes. It’s probably the user programming it. ????. That’s me! Omlet Support has been very helpful so I’m sure once I contact them they can straighten me out. Regardless, when it starts getting dark my girls go in the coup. They will do better with the light but they took to the coup like a duck to water. I highly recommend the Omlet.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2021 The reviewer has 4-6 Easter Eggers pets

Happy Hens - William,

My kudos to the engineers that designed the total package. Instruction books in each box with each product - so glad I'm visual. Just totally impressed. It took far more to build it than projected time table but I had no help. The 9' system is a major chore to relocate so I added a tow cord with hooks to outside frame just above the wheel lock down brackets to allow me to pull rather than push the large cube and coop. I only have three hens and cannot imagine more - I would have to move it daily and the suggested clean out schedule would be out the window with more than the three . And all of that includes letting them out to have fun during wine time. Overall I am so completely satisfied and totally pleased with my purchase.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2021 The reviewer has 2-4 Hens pets

Wow!!!!! - Carly, Indiana,

The coop to get! Omlet’s coops are next level and save you the headache and money of reinforcing and modifying your existing coop and it’s short comings. I got the cube size coop and add in the wheels plus Handel bars.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2021 The reviewer has 6-8 pets

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