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PoleTree Chicken Perch - The Ultimegg Kit - 5.5- 7ft.

by Omlet

The Pole Tree is an innovative and strong perch system that offers your hens custom made perching at any height and orientation in their run. Suitable for all types of chicken enclosures, this adjustable perch tree will provide your flock with entertainment and stimulation for years to come!

The Ultimegg Kit is the perfect height to fit inside Omlet’s Walk In Chicken Runs, with two poles, four short perches and two handy treat dishes to encourage hens up the tree! Plus a pole to pole perch to connect the two poles together, and two pole to run perches to link up your tree to the run.

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Good and bad - Irina,

Chickens loves it and they treating it as a perch. Where do chicken love to sleep? On the perches! So they abandoned the house and started to sleep on this perches. It was Ok in the summer, we let them sleep outside. Now it is getting colder but they refuse to go to the Omlet house. At the momemt we take them one by one and place in the house for the night. Not sure how long it will continue

The reviewer has 6-8 isa brown pets

Omlet Says: Hi Irina, Thank you for your feedback about this product. It seems like your chickens are indeed loving their perches a little too much ! Normally, chickens will take themselves off to bed but if a few decided to stay on their perches, you may have to take them into the coop yourself like you are already doing, for a while until they understand that this is what they need to do. You could also temporarily try to bribe them with treats in the coop. Eventually, getting a coop light to nudge them to go inside in the evening could be helpful as well. We hope that some of these ideas will help, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Yours, Your Omlet Customer Services team

Customer Images - PoleTree Chicken Perch - The Ultimegg Kit - 5.5- 7ft.