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Review of the product - Anne,

Everything was included in the shipment, which was a lot!! It was pretty well laid out. There were a couple of places where there were questions on assembly, but the online video was a good supplement to the assembly process. So far, after three weeks of usage, everything seems to be working well. aut

Cube mark 2 - Ruth, North Yorkshire,

Took 6 hours to build but that was the worst part. Easy to clean and well thought out my 3 hens love it.

Chickens are safe at last - Chris,

No more worries of wood rot. Well designed coop and run. I wished there was a roost bar for inside as I don't like that they crouch on the slotted floor, which is almost always coated with their droppings, so I created one and that helps. We will have to watch the plastic fasteners to make sure they hold up over time

Not so sure its worth the expense... - Michelle,

It was very fiddly to build. With the 3m run, it is not easy to move around. Clips fall off every time we move It. The guage of the mesh is not small enough to keep out mice. Other than than It is easy to clean.

Omlet Says: Hi Michelle, Re the clips they shouldn't fall off when you move it, I wonder if you have them on properly, as usually they are exceptionally difficult to get off the run. I will email you regarding them. Re the mesh to keep out mice, the mice are attracted to the food, it is best not to throw food on the ground or give them too much that they don't eat it all and mice won't be encouraged to come. Lara @ Omlet

Awesome - Marcel,

Great product. Excellent quality and function. Our hens love it.

The end product is excellent - James,

The end product is excellent and I & my chickens couldn't be happier. 4 items of mesh for the run were missing from the original order, but this was promptly addressed by S. from customer service dept. I found the construction complicated, particularly the run & extension. On my own it took me approx. 20 hours to build. The instruction manual is 68 pages of pictures. The materials are of a first class quality, very strong, well made & finished

Overall pleased but not designed for small chicks - Leanne,

We ordered the Eglu cube after foxes killed 10 of my chickens. Since putting my new birds in their new home we have had a fox try its luck again but to no avail! We looked out the window one morning to see a very disappointed fox lying on the grass next to the cage!! After a lot of sleepless nights it is great knowing that they are safe. It is a good size and looks great in the garden. The only downside is that it is not suitable for chicks. The chicks can squeeze through the bars so we have had to put chicken wire around the bottom temporarily until they grow a bit. They also fall through the roosting bars in the house so we have had to adapt that too. This shouldn't be a problem in a few weeks though once they have fattened up a bit but worth noting if you have very small chicks. The clips which clip the run together are not particularly sturdy so we re-enforced with cable ties. Think we used about 600 in total but it is now as sturdy as a rock. The plastic is very easy to clean and reduces issues with mites etc. Despite the few adaptations made, i would definitely recommend. It is certainly the best thing i have seen on the market after lots of research. It is expensive but worth every penny if my birds are safe. They certainly have a posh pad now.

Brilliant hen house, lots of thought gone into the design - Jenny,

Have had a wooden hen house but was plagued by redmite. This design seems mite proof as its washable, sturdy material, well made but a shame about the colours, gaudy green and garish purple

Great product - Brenda, Alabama,

I love my cube but the fasteners for the run needs to be redesigned. I ended up ordered cage clips and buying pipe clamps to assemble the run with since my dog keep pulling the plastic fasteners that were included off so she could chew them. Overall very satisfied with my omlet Eglu Cube

Chook caravan - Erika,

We chose the omlet because it looked long lasting (as compared to some timber ones), easy to clean, super sturdy and safe and quite attractive and of course it is portable which was a must for our small suburban backyard. Took a few hours to put together and my fingers hurt from all the clasps, but it came together ok and we're happy with the finished product. Only took the girls two nights before they started putting themselves to bed at dusk. We LOVE how it locks up like a vault for night time, you can sleep soundly knowing the girls are locked up tight and safe from foxes. The wire mesh of the run is lovely and sturdy too and we have had no issues with vermin trying to get to left over food meaning you can fill the food container quite full without worries. Cleaning is a breeze, we were worried it might get stinky, but a full cleanup and wash of the coop area once a week has been fine. Our girls are too young to lay yet so the nest box is closed off, the door is handy. We can't wait until the auto door mechanism is available, will be especially happy when we have chicken sitters as we are worried about them forgetting to lock the door at dusk. We let our chooks out to free range when we are home but otherwise they are very content in the run area with enough room, we added a piece of dowel under the coop in the run so they can roost there during the day time if it is raining or they just feel like relaxing. It is on the pricier side compared to others on the market but we feel it was worth paying more for. Very highly recommended.

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