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brilliant item - Lorna,

very sturdy with a tardis effect of looking compact & discreet but masses of space it!

- Alexandra, Jersey CI,

Very pleased with the Eglu Cube Mk2 with 3m Run and Wheels Package. Just waiting for my new ladies to take up residence!!

Eglu - Lucy, Kent,

An incredible design. Really colourful and fun. So very easy to clean. Cannot rate it highly enough and really happy chickens. Thank you so much.

Very cozy new home for my chickens - John,

I have been used to letting our chickens roam around the back garden freely - that was until the arrival of a new puppy! Now the chickens are safely protected in a long netted run - with a bright green eglu welcoming them at one end. They look forward to dusk now.

Great product - Katharine, NSW,

I am a 1st time chicken owner. I wanted something that looks good, is comfortable and provides all that the chickens need and is quick and easy to clean especially so the children can help. The eglu cube is all of these things. We had 4 young chicks who had to be trained to use the stairs and inside quarters but it didnt take long and now they put themselves to bed every night. Im so happy with the eglu cube and run.

Beats a wooden coop hands down - Symone,

I brought the Eglu Cube and a 3 meter run as we were getting some ex battery hens. The coop was very easy to put together as well as being really well made. Instructions are very clear. The run was also easy to put together and with the clips warmed in hot water they went on and clipped together well. We also brought the pegs which helped the run be even more secure. The chickens arrived the next morning and settled in instantly. One was clearly very happy and went into the cube the next day and laid her first egg, within a week 3 of the 5 were back to laying. The double wall insulation also keeps the coop a bit darker so they are not noisy as soon as the sun comes up! I can’t wait for the automatic door to be released though. Really happy with the coop, it’s easy to clear and the hens love it

Brilliant!! - Amanda,

Took longer to put up than we thought and the instructions didn’t seem to correspond with the you tube video but I absolutely love it and so do my chickens!! Really easy to clean and move around. Can’t wait for the automatic door opener to make it even easier!!

New home for the girls - Christine,

I brought the Eagle Cube Mk2 and it is fantastic. I have had a rabbit Eglu before and that was a great purchase. These products are worth every cent, they are designed extremely well for the feather and fur babies. If you are thinking about purchasing one just do it. The girls had a wooden coop and it was falling apart, once they were in their new Eglu home they were much happier and comfortable.

a Wonderful Chicken Coop - Veronica,

I am a 1st time chicken owner and buying this coop has made my transition very easy. It is simple and quick to clean, easy to move around and the perfect size. We have 5 hens and the 1st evening at dusk they went right into their new coop and made it home. I am very happy I purchased this coop after months of looking for the right one.

Chickens love their new house - Ashley,

A great product that the chickens love, easy to keep clean. Is difficult to move, would benefit from a handle, as there is nothing to hold on to.

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